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Planning Memorial Day With Older Family Members

Posted on: May 23rd, 2017 by hhmin


Memorial Day is often the start to everyone’s summer here in Texas. Being that it’s a very patriotic state, most people do something to celebrate Memorial Day with their friends and family. Families with senior citizens often forget that their plans might not be inclusive of older family members. We’re sharing a few tips on how to include older people in Independent Living communities in your Memorial Day plans!

Choose a Comfortable Location

Houston is a hot and humid city, so choosing a location that provides shade for everyone during your Memorial Day celebrations is important. Your loved ones in senior living communities are particularly prone to heat strokes and exhaustion if they’re in the sun and heat for too long. You might even consider choosing an indoor location for your celebration to keep everyone comfortable.

Keep in Mind a Variety of Diets

Every good hostess will do his or her best to provide an assortment of food that everyone will like. Individuals that receive Assisted Living care or otherwise might have additional diet restrictions to consider before they can munch on tasty treats. Some senior citizens are diabetic and others might not be able to digest dairy products. Before setting your Memorial Day cookout menu, make sure you know of dietary restrictions of everyone invited.

Avoid Loud Noises 

Any patriotic celebration will likely include fireworks or other noisy elements. For the most part, this doesn’t bother most people even if they are older. But people often forget to consider the needs and conditions of people receiving memory care treatments. For aging veterans with poor memory or even PTSD, loud noises like exploding fireworks can trigger flashbacks and confusion. If you’re planning on setting off fireworks, have an indoor area ready for those that might not enjoy the noise.

Also, be sensitive to the fact that Memorial Day is a holiday but also a day of remembrance. Older family members will most likely know someone who died while in combat and they’ll appreciate you taking the time to honor those individuals during your celebration.

Consider Transportation for Senior Citizens

Many individuals living in our Houston senior living community are unable to drive a car anymore. We provide transportation to local shopping areas as well as doctor’s appointments when our residents need to go. If you’re inviting older adults, then you should consider their transportation options. If they are unable to drive a car, then be gracious and offer to pick them up.

Consider Holly Hall for Your Older Family Members

When family members start need a little extra help, you need to make a plan for their care. Senior living communities like ours are great places to make sure your loved one is getting the care they deserve. Get in touch with us today for a tour of our community!

4 Exciting Trends Among Senior Citizens

Posted on: May 8th, 2017 by hhmin


This May, we’re celebrating Older Americans Month at our senior living community! There’s an unfortunate stigma associated with growing older in America. Instead of being something everyone celebrates, it’s something that most people dread. At Holly Hall, we believe that it’s an honor to grow older and be able to impart your wisdom and life experiences on those younger than you. In recent years, we’ve noticed a shift in how older Americans are enjoying life. We’re sharing a few of these trends with you!

Older Americans are Working Longer

Retirement is something more and more seniors are putting off. Sometimes it’s for financial reasons, but often enough it’s because retirement isn’t something they’re ready for yet. Senior living is taking on a whole new meaning within this group of people. Some seniors are choosing to only partially retire by taking part time jobs that keep them busy a few days a week. Seniors want to be active even if they are retiring.

Retirement Communities are Including New Activities

Many senior citizens choose to live at an Independent Living community because they want the amenities that come with it. Now more than ever, older Americans are branching out of their comfort zone to try new things. At Holly Hall, our residents take part in things like cooking demos, computer classes, and Tai Chi. Learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby is becoming one of the best parts of growing older!

Seniors are Becoming More Independent

As technology has improved, so has the quality of life for older individuals. Being independent, even in an Assisted Living community, is incredibly important to most seniors. Demand for products and services that help seniors maintain a certain level of independence continues to grow each year and understandably so. Our Houston, Texas senior living community strives to help each resident keep their independence and value their abilities.

People are Opening Up About Aging

It’s always been taboo to talk about age or the process of aging. More and more Americans are breaking down those barriers and talking openly and honestly about the aging process and how to handle it. These open lines of communication are helping both the young and old understand what age means and what it doesn’t. For example, turning another year older means you’re turning another year older, not losing your abilities.

Holly Hall Values Active Seniors

Looking at retirement communities can be overwhelming and even off-putting. Our community strives to make sure every senior feels at home here whether they’re very active or not. We offer active senior citizens a wide-range of activities and social events to make sure they get the most out of living with us. Get in touch with us for a tour of our community!