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3 Thanksgiving Activities to do With Your Senior Living Family Member

Posted on: November 20th, 2017 by bigdcreative

Senior Living ThanksgivingThanksgiving is a wonderful time for celebration, gratitude, and reflection, especially among the Christian community. At Holly Hall we believe that your loved one deserves to have the best experience at our community year-round, but there are always ways to make events like the holidays extra special.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for you to incorporate Thanksgiving festivities with your loved one in a senior living community.

Have a Recipe Competition

What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Thanksgiving? If you said ‘the food’ then you are not wrong. From fried turkey to different styles of stuffing, families of different cultures have numerous ways of cooking their Thanksgiving feast.

This year, try to make a game out of Thanksgiving with your loved one in assisted living. Since there is always room for leftovers after the table has been cleared, encourage two different styles of the same dish by different members of your family.

Your loved one will be encouraged to think back on their traditional Thanksgiving dishes, and be able to provide some input on what would make the perfect Thanksgiving dish.

Make a ‘Thankful Tree’

There are Halloween trees and there are Christmas trees; so why not a Thanksgiving tree? By purchasing a small plant that can look beautiful in your loved one’s room, you can have the beginnings of a Thankful Tree. The decorations on the tree will be pieces of paper that have things that your loved one and your family are thankful for this Thanksgiving. If your tree is big enough, feel free to take the thankfulness outside. Walk around the community with your loved one and have their friends write down the things that they are thankful for.

Have a Thanksgiving Celebration

Although this may seem like an obvious choice for the holiday, there are ways to make your Thanksgiving celebration a unique one at Holly Hall. While preparing for the big day, sit down with your loved one and make specialty Thanksgiving place cards.

Encourage your loved one to invite other members of the senior living community to enjoy Thanksgiving with you and your family. Being in an assisted living community never means that you have to give up the traditions you love. By continuing traditions, and keeping up an attitude that is aligned with the warm season, you can make this Thanksgiving one to remember.

Holly Hall Senior Living Makes a Home for Your Holidays

If you are preparing for your first Thanksgiving with your loved one at their senior living community, let the staff at Holly Hall help make your holiday a special one. Call us today with any questions that you have regarding our visitor policies.

Also, if you are in the situation where your family member or loved one may be prepared to enter into an assisted living community in the Houston area, reach out to us today to set up a visiting appointment to walk our community grounds.

Thank Your Loved One in Senior Assisted Living this Thanksgiving

Posted on: November 7th, 2017 by hhmin

Thanksgiving at Assisted LivingWith October in the rearview mirror and a family-filled November on the horizon, Thanksgiving is the next big holiday for your loved one in senior assisted living to look forward to. Yes, this holiday brings about family gatherings, traditional dishes, and delightful desserts; but there is also so much more that can be done with your loved one.

This season, prior to your visit with your family member in senior assisted living, talk with the members of your family and come up with some ways to thank your loved one and show them that they are appreciated. Here are some of our favorite ideas for this time of the year.

Tell Them Thank You

Simply letting your loved one know that they have made an impact on your life is one way to help spread the Thanksgiving joy. You don’t have to have an elaborate expression of gratitude in order for it to be meaningful for your senior assisted living family member.

While they are definitely getting the best treatment and emotional care in their community, your personal expression of thanks is one that will make them feel absolute love and appreciation.

Take a Family Picture

Family photos at holiday events are lifelong traditions no matter where a member of the family ends up. Schedule some time with your loved one to sit down and take a family photo. Getting the whole family together can be a rare moment, and by organizing this event and documenting it, you are showing your loved one that they are a special member of your family.

Do Some Favors Around the House

If you are visiting your loved one in assisted living or an independent living community, you have the opportunity to express your thanks through action. Look around their living quarters and find little ways to help them out. Do some of their dishes, re-organize their refrigerator, make sure their television is set to their specifications. Even though your assisted living coordinators take all of the steps needed to care for your loved one, just having you come in and do little favors for them helps promote your gratitude and love.

Write Them a Personal Letter

Giving thanks to your loved one should be an intimate experience and a time of personal reflection. One way to really personalize this moment is to write your loved one in a retirement home a heartfelt letter. In this letter you can talk about a favorite memory with your loved one, or talk about the reasons why you enjoy visiting them in their community.

Holly Hall Retirement Community Thanks You for Letting Us into Your Family

If you have found yourself at a crossroad with your loved one and feel they need more care than you can presently offer, reach out to Holly Hall to schedule a visit to our community today. We are a Christian-centered retirement home that believes in treating your loved one like our own family. For any questions about our services, give us a call.