Flu Season and Senior Living Communities - Holly Hall - Houston, Texas

4 Immune System Boosters for Loved Ones in Senior Care Centers

October 23rd, 2017

Flu season can be a nightmare for seniors enjoying life in their assisted living community. Yes, it is bad enough when you are a younger person to be affected by this illness, but as a senior citizen, a simple flu or even the common cold can lead to some pretty disastrous consequences. Here are some Read the full article…

Assisted Living Nutrition - Holly Hall - Senior Living in Houston, TX

3 Major Health Benefits of Assisted Living Facilities

October 4th, 2017

Making the decision to move your loved one from in-home care to a retirement home can be one that sparks several conflicting feelings among family members. “Will your loved one be well taken care of? What can an assisted living facility provide that family can’t?” are some of the questions that may arise. We understand Read the full article…

Senior Living Fall Health Tips - Holly Hall Retirement community - Houston, Texas

5 Health Tips for Senior Living This Fall

September 25th, 2017

Fall is officially in Texas, and that means a lot of things for our senior loved ones. The air begins to get cooler, sweeter flavors become the preference, football has started back up, and decorations of warm colors are aplenty. Holly Hall Retirement Community believes that your loved one deserves to enjoy the fall season Read the full article…

Skilled Nursing in Houston - Holly Hall Retirement community in Texas

5 Reasons Why Skilled Nursing Facilities Are a Great Option for Seniors

September 20th, 2017

Helping your loved one recover after a hospital stay due to illness, a fall, or other accident can be a challenge. It requires time, diligence, attentiveness, and above all, patience. Skilled nursing facilities like Holly Hall Retirement Community are a wonderful alternative for seniors as they rehabilitate and restore their health. Here are 5 reasons Read the full article…

Independent Living vs Senior Living - Holly Hall in Houston, Texas

Independent Living vs Senior Living: Which Senior Housing Option is Right For Your Loved One?

August 14th, 2017

Independent Living, senior living, nursing home, retirement home – these are many of the words associated with senior care. Although they are sometimes mistaken to be synonymous to one another, they are each different and vary in the services and accommodations offered. When it comes to senior housing, there are multiple options to consider. If Read the full article…

Assisted Living - Visiting with family at Holly Hall in Houston, Texas

Summer Tips for Visiting Loved Ones in Their Assisted Living Community

July 26th, 2017

Summer in Houston is a time for enjoying time with family and friends, but don’t forget to include quality time with your loved ones at an assisted living or retirement community.  We at Holly Hall understand that these visits aren’t always as simple as dropping in on your family member.  Read through our tips on Read the full article…

Summer Living for Independent Living Members - Holly Hall - Houston Texas

Stay Cool this Summer in your Retirement Community

July 17th, 2017

The Houston summer is now at its peak, and Holly Hall Retirement Community is here to discuss ways that our independent living residents and prospective residents can remain cool and active in order to support the healthy lifestyle and Christian roots on which Holly Hall was founded. With a community that is not just focused Read the full article…