What Aging in Place Really Means

Posted on: April 15th, 2022 by hhmin

A common myth about growing older is that staying in your private home will help retain your quality of life. The truth is, unless you have a plan in place for changes that naturally occur as you age, your quality of life will only go down. There is a better way. By deciding early on how and where you want to spend your time and handle major life events (such as illness, injury, or who will make decisions if you’re  unable to), you and your family can ensure you age in place successfully.

Even if you’re not yet retired, now is the time to put your plan together. To start, it’s important to learn more about aging in place and where to find help for seniors living alone. The more informed you are about your options, the better you and your loved ones will feel about making decisions for your future.

Why Staying Put Is Not Aging in Place

As we age, it’s natural to need more assistance in everyday living. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, approximately 70% of us will need long-term care at some point. This may mean a need for assisted living, skilled nursing, or memory support. Embracing this fact can make all the difference if you’re nearing retirement. After all, what is aging in place if you’re burdened by daily chores such as housekeeping, making meals, home maintenance and transportation, especially if you or your partner have a significant health issue? Retirement is meant to be enjoyed! And no one wants to make healthcare decisions on the spot, during a time of crisis.

To better understand where you may need support, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have mobility issues that make it hard to get around your house?
  • Do you find yourself worrying about paying your bills?
  • Are home repairs or maintenance piling up?
  • Is your house not as clean as it used to be?
  • Do you forget to take prescriptions?
  • Are you getting out and seeing friends/family less often?
  • Do you no longer enjoy driving?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you may want to consider an independent living community like Holly Hall, where residents enjoy a vibrant lifestyle of flexible options, no matter what kind of support they need, while staying close to all the best of Houston. Knowing they have continuity of care available on-site, our residents never have to uproot themselves if their needs change. Instead, they can age in place (and spouses can stay together) with peace of mind. Not only that, but imagine how independent you can be without the worries of homeownership holding you back!

Support to Help You Age in Place

Whether you’re exploring future options or remaining in your house as long as you can, there are many services available to help seniors living alone, from grocery and pharmacy delivery to a geriatric care manager (a professional who can help you determine what support you need and how to get it). These offerings become even more valuable if you live far from loved ones. While convenient, these services can add up over time, depending on how much support is needed. For more information, see the following online government resources designed to help seniors living alone:

Whatever your preference is for the future, one thing is certain — the plan you’re sure to regret is the one you don’t make at all. In fact, most retirees say they wish they’d planned for the future sooner!

What Does Aging in Place Mean at Holly Hall?

Independence, convenience, gracious Southern living — at Holly Hall, aging in place is everything you want it to be, without worries about the future.

“It’s been a near perfect fit for me, to live here at Holly Hall. I appreciate the campus itself, which is always maintained beautifully, the services around here are always good, and the people are friendly.”

Paul R., resident

We understand how difficult it can be to start the conversation about how to age in place successfully. To learn how we help seniors living independently plan for health care while enjoying an exceptional lifestyle, contact us to schedule a tour of our community and talk about your options. Remember, your next chapter is up to you, once you make a plan.