Benefits of Assisted Living vs. Living at Home

Posted on: August 2nd, 2016 by hhmin

Benefits Of Senior Apartments vs Living At Home - Holly Hall in Houston, TexasAs aging seniors grow older, there are certain lifestyle changes that can occur. Over time, preparing meals or even maintaining a home are can be challenging and call for daily help. One option to relieve the stress of needing increased help is to reside at an assisted living community which can provide your loved one with many benefits and eliminate those challenges.

If you and your family are trying to weigh your options on whether assisted living or living at home is better for you again senior, here are some key benefits for you to ponder.

Senior Living vs. Living at Home

Social Life

At an assisted living community, there is no shortage of social activities. From special events to various clubs and classes, meeting and greeting your fellow residents is easy. These activities can also lead to lasting friendships for your loved one. On the other side, when your family member lives at home, they have fewer chances to socialize with other retirement-aged adults which can lead to senior isolation.

Transportation Can Be Difficult For Seniors

As we grow older, the ability to drive from one point to the another diminishes. The need for available transportation is vital when living at home. With assisted living communities, they typically have scheduled transportation to help their residents get around when needing to run an errand or get to a local appointment.


As mentioned earlier, cooking is a major part of most adults’ lifestyle, so being able to prepare a well-balanced meal can be very difficult for an aging loved one. It is very important for seniors to have nutritional, well-balanced meals, especially since many require special dietary restrictions or experience changes in taste buds due to medication. Having your loved one reside at an assisted living facility completely takes away the burden of meal preparation for the resident.


Keeping a home clean can be a full load for anyone, no matter the age. However, that necessity can be even more daunting for a retirement-aged adult. Cleaning and basic housekeeping like laundry and household maintenance require a lot of strength and endurance. At an assisted living community, professionals can assist with housekeeping so your loved one never has to worry about having clean linens.

Emergency Assistance

Having your elderly loved one live at home can be stressful for everyone. There is always the thought of them having an emergency and not being able to get help until it is too late. Unfortunately, that is a situation that many families have to deal with every day. You can eliminate that scenario with assisted living because there is always on-site staff members that are aware of the residents’ medical conditions.

Exercise and Physical Activity

When aging, there are a lot of inevitables and one of those is our bodies weaken over time. Many doctors recommend that retirement-aged seniors add some sort of exercise regime to their daily lifestyle to keep them active and mobile. Doing so can be hard for someone living at home, but most assisted living facilities have exercise classes available daily and encourage residents to attend.


Just because your loved one has aged doesn’t mean their want and need to feel independent has faded. In fact, most seniors feel even more strongly about their independence. They don’t want to feel like a burden to their loved ones, however, by living at home, that may feel less possible. Assisted living allows them to receive inconspicuous supportive care, which is tailored to each resident’s needs and goals, which can lead to them feeling more independent.

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