What is a Life Plan Community and is it the Right Option for Me?

Posted on: September 25th, 2020 by hhmin

So, you’re ready for retirement and wondering if a life plan community is the right option for you. You may be asking yourself – what exactly is a life plan community? Life plan communities are designed for older adults who want a continuum of care specifically designed to address their changing needs as they age.

When you become a resident at a life plan community, like Holly Hall, you will have the options of independent living, assisted living, short-term rehabilitation and long-term nursing care . Life plan communities are also known for providing you with extensive social activities, events and additional amenities to give you a well-rounded lifestyle.

Research from the Mather Institute Age Well study shows that residents that live in a life plan community are prone to living a healthier lifestyle and a better overall state of well-being.

The Age Well Study Conducted by Mather Institute

The Mather Institute is conducting a five-year study with Northwestern University to assess the impact of residing in a Life Plan Community on residents’ health and wellness over time. The findings from the second year of the study focus on healthy behaviors and outcomes among residents living in life plan communities. Below are key findings that indicate some of the benefits of living in a life plan community.

5 Key Findings about Life Plan Communities

1. Community Belonging

This aspect of the Age Well study looked at the different levels of attachment individuals feel to their community. It was reported that residents with a greater sense of community belonging tend to eat healthier diets and spend more time on meditation and personal contemplation. These same residents also reported better well-being and less amounts of stress in their lives. You can definitely count on a great sense of community belonging when you join the Holly Hall community.

2. Loneliness

Resident loneliness can lead to decreased social activity, unhealthy diets and more stress. However, the study’s year two results found that living in a life plan community, like Holly Hall, and being surrounded by seniors with similar interests can help residents combat feelings of loneliness and therefore develop healthier habits.

3. Social Connection

The study’s results also showed that residents with a greater sense of social connection in their living environments were more physically and socially active and tend to spend more time on personal contemplation. These residents also reported better health and a sense of overall well-being. When you become a resident at Holly Hall, you will be surrounded by fellow residents and neighbors who will help you stay socially active.

4. Number of Amenities

The study’s year two results found that life plan communities that offered more amenities had more residents who were physically active. Including normal physical activity into your everyday routine can help you achieve an overall state of well-being. At Holly Hall, we provide all residents with a social and events calendar to ensure you always have a way to be social and active within the community.

5. Religious Beliefs

The second year of the Mather Institute Age Well study also examined religious activity at life plan communities. The results showed that residents who were able to participate in more religious activities in their communities, such as prayer and meditation sessions, lived healthier and fulfilling lifestyles.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle at Holly Hall

At Holly Hall, our top priority is the health and well-being of all residents. When you become a member of our life plan community, you’ll have a variety of uplifting programs, delicious dining experiences and special events every day to keep your days full and active.

Holly Hall provides you with an active, vibrant lifestyle that allows you to continue to do all of the things you love, with additional services available as your health changes over time. Please contact us today at 713-799-9031 to learn more about our life plan community and explore our senior living options.