Benefits of Independent Living

Posted on: December 17th, 2020 by hhmin

Why Your Loved One Should Move to Independent Living

There’s one thing that holds true no matter what age you are – the yearning to be independent. As a teenager, you wanted a later curfew, and as a college freshman, you wanted to move away from your parents and live on your own for the first time. Your senior loved one feels the same way now that they’re in retirement, hoping to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

Continuing to live life on their own terms is important for both their physical and mental wellbeing. When your loved one is able to live independently, they can feel more in control of their own decisions and maintain a sense of purpose in their life. This is why senior living options, like independent living, provide your loved one with the opportunity to do just that: live independently.

What is Independent Living?

Independent living is ideal for individuals who can still live independently, but enjoy having access to assistance when needed. An independent living community, like the one at Holly Hall, provides your loved one with a secure, comfortable environment that has convenient access to dining, medical care, social activities and more.

When your loved one makes the move to an independent living community, they will be able to live their life the way they want with the comfort of knowing care is available if they need or want it.

5 Benefits of Independent Living at Holly Hall

Here are just some of the benefits your loved one can look forward to when they move to the independent living community at Holly Hall:

  1. Nutritious Meals Every Day. At Holly Hall, we understand the importance of consuming three, well balanced meals a day. That’s why our executive chef-managed dining program focuses on fresh, made-from-scratch foods. We also provide flexible, restaurant-style dining and private dining room options for residents to enjoy their meals.
  2. Full Activities Calendar.* Your loved one will have ample opportunities to enjoy social, educational and recreational activities every month. Our dedicated team members schedule different activities, outings and exercise programs to help residents maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit.
  3. On-Site Services. Your loved one will have access to optional dental, podiatry and hearing-aid services, in addition to a variety of other healthcare options that are readily available on our campus. We also offer residents on-site wellness checks that are performed daily to ensure resident safety.
  4. Scheduled Transportation Options.* Your loved one will no longer wonder how they will get to a doctor appointment or the grocery store when they join the independent living community at Holly Hall. We provide scheduled transportation to appointments, shopping and event outings to ensure your loved one can safely get to where they need to go.
  5. Cottage and Apartment Living Options. Unique to the Holly Hall independent living community, your loved one has the choice of both cottage and apartment living. Both living options come with a variety of maintenance-free services and amenities that are designed to meet your loved one’s unique needs. They have the opportunity to explore each option and select the one that is most inline with their living expectations.
*Due to COVID-19, some of our activities and events are not taking place at the moment. Please contact us directly with any event related questions.

Holly Hall Provides Unique Independent Living Options

Your loved one will appreciate all of the different independent living options, services and amenities our senior living community has to offer. At Holly Hall, we strive to provide everything your loved one needs to live a comfortable, healthy lifestyle within our community.

Contact Us today to learn more about our independent living lifestyle and how your loved one can benefit from joining our community.