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Your Off-Campus Dining Guide Near Holly Hall Retirement Community

Posted on: August 1st, 2022 by hhmin

Houston is a mecca for foodies. As one of the most diverse cities in the country, there is every type of cuisine to fit your craving–Tex-Mex, Vietnamese, Indian, Korean, Moroccan, seafood, BBQ, and so much more. This is a huge perk for Holly Hall Retirement Community residents and their visiting guests if they are venturing off campus to dine out. There is something for everyone’s cravings, and you don’t have to go far to find it. Our 20-acre campus is situated near the Houston Astrodome, Texas Medical Center, and Rice Village, so you have plenty of options!

Since August 1st kicks off Houston Restaurant Weeks, we figured this was the perfect time to share some of our residents and staff members’ favorite eateries nearby our campus and around town. Houston Restaurant Weeks is an annual tradition that allows people to dine out for a good cause. Hundreds of restaurants participate in offering pre-fixe menus at a discounted price to benefit the Houston Food Bank. So, without further ado, here are our top restaurant recommendations in the Houston area.

Must-Try Restaurants in Houston Near Holly Hall Retirement Community

Pastry from Common Bond Bistro and Bakery

Delectable mousse pastry with gold leaf from Common Bond.

Pastry from Epicure Cafe

Oyster platter at Goode Seafood Co.

Oyster platter at Goode Seafood Co.

Cheeseburger-Dining Guide Near Holly Hall Retirement Community

Cheeseburger at Goode Co. Taqueria.

Cake-Dining Guide Near Holly Hall Retirement Community

  • Pondicheri – Must try: Their bakery is fabulous for Indian seasoned pastries and cakes (pictured above).
  • Prego – Must try: Crab cakes and creme brûlée

Dining Options for Everyone at Holly Hall

There is something for every foodie when it comes to dining at Houston’s Holly Hall or enjoying some local eats. Proper nutrition, delicious dining, and overall satisfaction are significant factors one should consider when it comes to assisted living or independent living communities. Come see how Holly Hall offers an elevated dining experience and puts healthy nutrition at the forefront of every culinary decision for our residents. Schedule a tour or contact us at (713) 799-9031 to learn about residency in our vibrant community.

How to Tell If It’s Time for Assisted Living

Posted on: July 26th, 2022 by hhmin

Deciding to move to assisted living can be difficult, but it can also be a positive step. Assisted living communities provide people finding it harder to live independently with care and support with daily living activities based on individual needs and wishes. Here are 5 signs it may be time to consider moving to a community that offers continued care.

5 Signs It’s Time for Assisted Living

Safety concerns

Safety concerns are often a major factor in the decision to move to assisted living, especially if you or a loved one is living alone or has recently become prone to accidents. Assisted living can provide extra support and supervision to stay safe if you are worried about falls, wandering, being forgetful and confused about time and place, or having difficulty walking or using the stairs.

Trouble managing daily tasks

When daily tasks become too much for an aging loved one to handle alone, it could indicate that it is time to receive regular assistance. This could look like:

– Needing assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting

– Difficulty cooking and preparing regular meals

– Help with activities of daily living such as housekeeping, taking medication, and laundry

Inability to keep up with a household

An inability to keep up with a household can be frustrating and overwhelming. If you find yourself or your aging loved one neglecting home or yard work, it may be time to consider a retirement community that offers:

  • Maintenance-free living
  • A variety of social and recreational activities

Forgetting to take medication

What’s worse than forgetting medication or not taking it at all? Skipping doses. This can lead to dangerous consequences, like a condition getting worse or requiring more severe treatment. Luckily, services in assisted living communities like Holly Hall Retirement Community provide a place where residents will be monitored or reminded about their prescribed medications to take them on time every single day.

Neglecting proper nutrition 

Proper nutrition is essential for maintaining good health. If you are struggling to eat a balanced diet, an assisted living community can help by providing:

  • Healthy and nutritious meals
  • Regular nutrition counseling
  • Alternative and delicious options to accommodate dietary needs
  • Flexible dining times

How Holly Hall Helps Aging Parents Transition to Assisted Living With Peace of Mind

The majority of people that move to our assisted living community have recently had a change in condition or experienced a distressful incident. For example, one resident who lived alone went through a major security scare from a burglary. Moving to Holly Hall gave that person a sense of peace as our property is gated and has security guards 24/7.

Our proactive emergency preparedness also gives aging loved ones peace of mind because they never have to go through a hurricane, flood, or severe winter weather alone or without power. Holly Hall is the first retirement community with on-demand electric reliability that keeps the power on at all times, so our residents are safe and comfortable no matter the storm. 

We have heard many times from family members that their loved ones bounced back and improved after moving to our assisted living community. Many factors contribute to this improvement as a result of our care, such as daily check-ins from a Licensed Nurse, three daily meals sourced from local and fresh vendors; everyday housekeeping; weekly laundry services; transportation services, and social and physical activities. 

Tour Holly Hall Retirement Community’s Assisted Living Units

We know it is a huge transition moving to assisted living, but it may be the best option if the person is experiencing any of these signs above. Holly Hall’s assisted living units are the largest in the market and offer support, assistance, and opportunities for independence, socialization, and recreation. Our Southern lifestyle helps people feel like they are right at home. Contact us today to learn more about our gracious continuing care community or to schedule a tour. We are here to help!

The Importance of Proper Nutrition for Seniors

Posted on: July 21st, 2022 by hhmin

As we age, our bodies change in a variety of ways. We may lose muscle mass, our bones become thinner and more fragile, and our metabolism shifts. These changes can make getting the nutrients we need from our food more difficult. Another factor that can affect people as they age is chronic conditions, which can impact appetite and nutrient absorption. This is why receiving proper nutrition is essential for seniors, as it helps maintain their independence, protect their cognitive function, and prevent falls and other injuries. Eating a balanced diet can also help reduce the risk of several chronic diseases, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. For all these reasons, it’s paramount that seniors eat various nutrient-rich foods and receive regular consultations with a nutritionist or healthcare professional to ensure their specific needs are met as they age. At our close-knit retirement community, we make sure of this for our residents.

Holly Hall’s mission is “adding years to life and life to years.” Our culinary, healthcare, and dietician staff exemplify that statement in how our dining services are operated. From vibrant food plating to proper nutritional counseling, our residents are happier and more engaged–adding life to years–with fresh, locally sourced, healthy, and delicious meals. At Holly Hall, we feed body, mind, and soul, enhancing our residents from the inside out. Read more about how we offer essential ingredients for a happier, healthier life in our retirement community.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional counseling and meeting residents’ dietary needs are important initiatives at Holly Hall Retirement Community. Our team records every allergy and nutritional need for each of our residents, and they are followed closely on a continual basis by their care plans. Our Healthcare Administrator and Dietician assess residents weekly for nutritional care, and our Culinary staff ensures everyone has an elevated dining experience no matter the dietary restriction.

Just because someone has a restriction doesn’t mean they can’t still enjoy their meals. For instance, there is an amazing gluten-free resident in our community. She ate chicken and veggies every day because she thought she was limited in what she could eat. Through nutritional counseling, our staff was able to introduce and serve her cauliflower-crusted pizza so she could still enjoy pizza while meeting her healthcare needs.

If residents are on a renal diet of no tomato sauce, our culinary team can make pizza and pasta dishes with alfredo or pesto sauces, so they can still have the dignity of the original meal item. The same level of consideration and coordination applies to our residents who might be on a puree diet; there is attention to detail, and food textures are modified, so their meal is appealing, satisfying, and nutritious.

Enjoy Chef-Prepared Menus at Holly Hall Retirement Community

We pride ourselves at Holly Hall Retirement Community on serving our residents and staff members with premium produce and the freshest ingredients. Our local produce vendor never ceases to amaze, and our menus are strategically crafted to entice the senses and indulge your appetite. It is always our goal to meet and exceed our residents’ expectations. Our new seasonal rotation menu will provide the diversity and inclusion of all residents, families, and staff. Be on the lookout for exciting new options and vibrant plating, and check out what’s cooking at Holly Hall this summer. Bon Appetit! To learn more about our dining or if you want to come to see our senior living community for yourself, contact us here.

What’s Cooking at Holly Hall This Summer

Posted on: July 1st, 2022 by hhmin

Dining is an essential aspect of life for seniors in retirement communities. It provides a social opportunity to interact with others daily. This communal gathering can help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, which are common among older adults. Having an incredible dining experience can also stimulate mental activity, keep residents active and provide an opportunity to enjoy the company of others while savoring delicious food. When residents feel connected to others and can enjoy tasty meals, they are more likely to be satisfied with their overall experience in the retirement community.

At Holly Hall Retirement Community, we pride ourselves on providing an elevated dining experience that nourishes our residents and allows them to enjoy their meals, whether it’s together with their community or from the comfort of their homes. Our facility spans a beautiful 20 acres and boasts three formal dining rooms. We also offer take-out meals plus a private dining room for family meals and special occasions.

Savor the Flavors of Summer

When it comes to summertime on the Upper Gulf Coast, there is nothing quite like cold, refreshing, crisp meals and treats to cool down during those high temperatures. At Holly Hall Retirement Community, our chef-inspired summer menu items allow residents to enjoy a lighter fare during those hotter months while enjoying various seasonal favorites. These meals bring out summer’s bright and vibrant colors that get the senses going! Here are some of the menu options residents are savoring this summer.


  • Eggs benedict
  • Bagels topped with smoked salmon, lemon butter, and a caper sauce
  • Spinach and goat cheese frittatas

Watermelon Salad

This salad has an arugula base and is topped with watermelon, feta cheese, cold-boiled shrimp, and fresh dill. The watermelon and dill sure bring a burst of flavor that is refreshing and light.

Strawberry Sensation Salad

A mix of lush greens is combined with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, yogurt chips, and honey-roasted almonds. It’s topped with a raspberry walnut vinaigrette, and there is an option to add goat cheese or other natural aged cheeses. 

Seasonal Main Courses

  • Jumbo lump crab cakes
  • Hawaiian fried rice
  • Korean BBQ short ribs
  • Pulled pork and slaw sandwiches
  • Blackened salmon topped with mango salsa 

Dining Options to Meet Any Needs

Holly Hall is a close-knit community that offers independent living, assisted living, and short-term rehab. Our residents are always given the best possible culinary experience at every level of care. If you’re a foodie considering our living accommodations, you can rest assured that every meal is made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and cooked to order. 

Our variety of dining options is designed to meet the needs of all our residents. We have formal dining, take-out, and a la carte options so residents can choose what’s best for them. In addition, our nutritionists are available to provide counseling and guidance on making healthy choices that fit each resident’s individual needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for a gourmet meal or comfort food, Holly Hall has something for everyone.

Visit Our Community

Tour our beautiful grounds and meet our kind and caring staff; you’ll see what makes us so special. Our community is designed to provide seniors with the care and assistance they need to live happy, healthy lives. But we don’t just stop there; we also offer a wide range of amenities and activities to keep our residents engaged and active. Whether it’s enjoying a delicious meal in our dining rooms or participating in one of our many social events, there’s always something to do at Holly Hall. Contact us or call us today at (713) 799-9031 to schedule a tour. We can’t wait to show you everything that Holly Hall offers.


Hurricane Preparedness at Holly Hall Retirement Community

Posted on: June 23rd, 2022 by hhmin


Hurricane season is nothing new for Houstonians. However, when it comes to finding a retirement community for your loved ones (or yourself) on the Upper Gulf Coast, you want to ensure specific standards of safety in the event of hurricanes, tropical storms, floods, or even extreme winter weather. At Holly Hall Retirement Community, our residents’ well-being and protection are of the utmost importance at all times, including having extra measures of protection for natural disasters.

Since June 1st officially kicked off hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic seaboard, we wanted to share a preparedness checklist and more about our retirement community’s backup generation that can withstand inclement weather. No matter what storm comes in the path of Holly Hall Retirement Community, you can have peace of mind.

Holly Hall is the first retirement community with On Demand Electric Reliability

Even a light flickering can be unsettling when a big storm is projected to hit. At Houston’s Holly Hall Retirement Community, residents can relax knowing there is a consistent power supply. You might be wondering how our community that spans 20 acres can have backup generation. Using Enchanted Rock’s proprietary natural gas microgrid design and Texas Microgrid’s services, Holly Hall has full electrical reliability in all weather conditions and emergencies. 

Before the On Demand Electric Reliability service, Holly Hall experienced around four eight-hour outages yearly due to storms. Electricity is an absolute necessity for residents who rely on medications that require refrigeration, breathing machines, and other life-dependent power-operating devices. Since this installation, Holly Hall hasn’t lost power or even experienced a light flicker. The microgrids provided assurance, heat, and power during the Winter Storm Uri in February 2021, while millions were without electricity.

At Holly Hall, we ensure our residents have a peaceful environment, and providing reliable power is just one of the many measures we take to make this happen. 

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Hurricane season is a time of year when residents of the Houston area need to be extra vigilant. Although the hurricane season officially runs from June 1st to November 30th, the peak of hurricane activity usually occurs between August and October. Utilizing a hurricane preparedness checklist can help you and your loved ones stick to a plan in the event of a storm. 

  • Make sure all doors and windows are securely shut; consider using storm shutters.
  • Secure or remove any outdoor furniture and plants.
  • Have plenty of non-perishable food and water on hand and a manual can opener.
  • Fill up your car with gas in case you need to evacuate.
  • Charge all of your electronic devices and have backup batteries handy.
  • Keep cash on hand in case ATMs are down or power is lost.
  • Have a first-aid kit and any necessary medications readily available.
  • Know your community’s evacuation routes if you need to leave quickly.
  • Stay tuned to local news and weather reports for the latest updates on the hurricane.
  • Put important documents like your driver’s license, passport, and birth certificate in a waterproof bag.

Click here to download the 10-page METRO Hurricane Preparedness Checklist and Guide from the Harris County Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management, the City of Houston OEM, and the METRO Office of Emergency Management.

Add Years to Life and Life to Years at Holly Hall Retirement Community

If you are looking for a place that feels like home and offers peace no matter the storm, consider moving to Holly Hall. Our Christian retirement community provides a full spectrum of options, including independent living, assisted living, and short-term rehab. Call us at (713) 799-9031 or contact us for more information.


The Importance of Continuous Learning for Seniors

Posted on: October 15th, 2021 by hhmin

You may not be in school anymore, or have even set foot in a classroom in many years, but it’s never too late to learn something new. In fact, there’s growing research that says seniors should always be putting effort into intellectual pursuits.

The cognitive benefits of exercising your mind have become quite clear in recent years. And there are more benefits of learning new things throughout your lifetime than only preventing cognitive decline.


Here are several benefits of continuous learning:


Revisit Familiar Interests

It can remind you of a subject you were interested in years ago. If you were to revisit a foreign language you used to study, you could be energized by remembering the fun you had when you first learned it. You could also become motivated to visit the part of the world where that language is spoken. An exciting bit of travel is a great motivator and something wonderful to look forward to.

 Find New Interests

Maybe it will spark an interest in something new! A new skill or craft that you’ve maybe wondered about for years. Or perhaps something you’ve never even considered before, but now that you’re retired and have the time and freedom to spend your days as you wish, there’s never been a better time to try something new.

 Cure Your Boredom

You can work yourself out of a rut. If you’ve found that your days have become monotonous with the same old routine, mix it up! Continuous learning is going to always give you something new to try, a new challenge to overcome, an activity you’ve never done before. That’s what learning is all about!

Get Moving

It’s a great motivator. Trying new things can inspire you and drive you to be more active. If you’ve discovered a new activity or intellectual pursuit that you enjoy, you’ll want to spend time doing it. That will get you out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step, and you’ll be planning your day to make sure you have time to focus on your new endeavor. 

Meet New People

Your interpersonal skills will benefit as well. It’s well known that spending time socializing is extremely important, especially for seniors. Getting out and around other like-minded people keeps you out of isolation and away from depression, anxiety, and even the possibility of some physical health problems. Shake off the blues by engaging with others for an intellectual challenge.

Improve Some Skills

Improvements in professional skills can spark creativity, improve problem-solving skills, and improve your abilities in the areas of critical thinking, leadership, and adaptation to change. And it can provide a real boost to your self-confidence. Knowledge is power, and feeling powerful means feeling confident. When you’re experiencing the satisfaction of spending time and effort learning, growing, and improving yourself, you’ll feel better all-around.

Continuous learning doesn’t have to always be a formal process of finding classes and organizations. You can go online and find self-directed courses, or even informal instructional videos, websites, and books as resources for learning. 


How Do You Start?

Start by simply making a list of some of the things you’d like to try, used to like to do, or subjects you find interesting. Are you interested in science? Nutrition? History? Geology? The list of possibilities goes on and on. You could even investigate the possibility of a formal classroom setting. More and more older adults are attending classes at nearby or online colleges and universities all the time. Investigate classes in your area or online. Signing up is easy.


Make Time for Continuous Learning

Your goal of becoming a lifelong student is going to take some planning and effort. You’ve got to schedule your learning time into your day. It will take commitment, motivation, and effort to see it through. But the great news is that if you’ve picked a subject of great interest to you, you’ll seek it out and look forward to each new lesson as it comes.


Cognitive Benefits

Exercising your mind continuously is the very best way to prevent or slow the progression of cognitive decline and symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. And feeling like a student can make you feel young again. You’re never too old for lifelong learning!

The independent and assisted living communities at Holly Hall will have you as busy with learning activities as you want to be. And the cognitive support and memory care we offer makes continuous learning a priority for all residents. It’s healthy both physically and mentally, it’s motivating and,best of all, it’s fun!

How to Make Your One-Bedroom Apartment Feel Spacious

Posted on: September 21st, 2021 by hhmin

A bright mid-century modern pastel living room

If you’re an empty nester, having rooms in your home you no longer need or use is, well, a waste of space. And that’s just one reason moving to an apartment home that fits your needs now makes a lot of sense. It’s also an opportunity to simplify your life and showcase your style.

With a few expert tricks, you can make a one-bedroom apartment feel spacious and airy. Especially if you no longer need room to house loads of furniture, cookware, dishes, and tools. (Welcome to senior living!)

To make the most of your new living space, consider the following design tips for decorating a one-bedroom apartment.


Big ideas for decorating small spaces.

Rightsize your furniture.

The biggest mistake people make when downsizing their living space is taking their furniture with them. For small spaces, less is more. When shopping for new furnishings, pay attention to scale and size. Everything looks smaller in a big furniture store. Know your measurements. And make sure the furniture you buy will fit into your elevator and through your new doorway.

Have curves in all the right spaces.

Furniture with rounded sides and edges is easier to move around, breaks the hard angles in a boxy room, and gives the illusion of more space. Try to find a balance between weighty, linear shapes and curved furnishings. Sometimes all it takes is a single piece to make a statement. A Lucite or glass table, for example, is less obtrusive than wood and helps open up a small room.

With natural light, paint walls white.

White walls create an airy feel that makes a small room look more spacious. A white wall presents a clean, uncluttered base for showcasing artwork. White walls also make plants really stand out. Work with different hues of white — ivory, beige, straw, dove, light wood tones, and silvery metals — to suit your decorating tastes. You can also mix textures and layers for an attractive tone-on-tone effect.

If a room doesn’t have much natural light, bright white walls can feel sterile and flat. The solution is to stay on the lighter side and consider a rich cream or light gray. Your space will still look larger than it is and, by contrasting the trim color, you can give your small space a lot of life.

Extend your space with mirrors.

Mirrors can help make a small space feel bigger and brighter. A large mirror over a sofa or behind accent chairs can really open up a room. A small mirror behind a lamp will bounce the light back into the room, adding depth and infiltrating corners or highlighting walls. Installing mirrors at the back of shelves is another way to create depth and reflect light.

Hang your curtains high.

Install an extra-long curtain rod at or near the ceiling for floor-to-ceiling draperies. It’ll make your window appear both taller and wider. The fabric you choose for your curtain can also create an illusion of a larger space. Fabrics with vertical patterns add height. Floor-to-ceiling sheer white curtains will not only lengthen a room; they can brighten it too.

Hang large paintings to open up a room.

One secret for making a small room seem larger is to go big with a large piece of art. Large works of art can be the defining element of a small space, tying together a color scheme, and creating a single focal point that anchors other items in the room. It could be anything: a painting, a map, signage, or a rug hanging on a wall. As a central piece, it sets the tone for everything, so make sure you love it.

Put corners to work.

Sectional sofas were invented for a reason: They maximize available space. This same philosophy can be applied in just about every corner of your apartment. Create a cozy lounging nook with a chair and an oversized plant. Install floating corner shelves to showcase knickknacks and prized possessions. Keep books in decorative crates or bins in the corner, next to your favorite reading chair or sofa.

Go vertical with storage.

Save valuable space with vertical storage options such as shelves and standing cabinets. Tall and narrow options allow you to get the most storage out of a small amount of space. In the kitchen, use a standing utensil holder to avoid cluttered drawers. Hanging organizers in the bedroom closet can help you steer clear of rows of shoes and boxes under the bed.


Live life to the fullest at Holly Hall.

Downsizing to a one-bedroom apartment opens up a lot of possibilities at Holly Hall. Instead of having to plan, shop for, and prepare every meal, you can have a chef cook for you. Inviting common spaces are a short walk from your door where you can meet friends for coffee, join an art class, or discuss a bestseller with your book club buddies. A variety of fitness classes are available on campus to help improve your health and well-being. And that’s just the beginning.

To learn more about the benefits of moving to Holly Hall, get in touch. In the meantime, you can explore floor plans and start picturing how you’d like to decorate your apartment.