How to Make Your One-Bedroom Apartment Feel Spacious

Posted on: September 21st, 2021 by hhmin

A bright mid-century modern pastel living room

If you’re an empty nester, having rooms in your home you no longer need or use is, well, a waste of space. And that’s just one reason moving to an apartment home that fits your needs now makes a lot of sense. It’s also an opportunity to simplify your life and showcase your style.

With a few expert tricks, you can make a one-bedroom apartment feel spacious and airy. Especially if you no longer need room to house loads of furniture, cookware, dishes, and tools. (Welcome to senior living!)

To make the most of your new living space, consider the following design tips for decorating a one-bedroom apartment.


Big ideas for decorating small spaces.

Rightsize your furniture.

The biggest mistake people make when downsizing their living space is taking their furniture with them. For small spaces, less is more. When shopping for new furnishings, pay attention to scale and size. Everything looks smaller in a big furniture store. Know your measurements. And make sure the furniture you buy will fit into your elevator and through your new doorway.

Have curves in all the right spaces.

Furniture with rounded sides and edges is easier to move around, breaks the hard angles in a boxy room, and gives the illusion of more space. Try to find a balance between weighty, linear shapes and curved furnishings. Sometimes all it takes is a single piece to make a statement. A Lucite or glass table, for example, is less obtrusive than wood and helps open up a small room.

With natural light, paint walls white.

White walls create an airy feel that makes a small room look more spacious. A white wall presents a clean, uncluttered base for showcasing artwork. White walls also make plants really stand out. Work with different hues of white — ivory, beige, straw, dove, light wood tones, and silvery metals — to suit your decorating tastes. You can also mix textures and layers for an attractive tone-on-tone effect.

If a room doesn’t have much natural light, bright white walls can feel sterile and flat. The solution is to stay on the lighter side and consider a rich cream or light gray. Your space will still look larger than it is and, by contrasting the trim color, you can give your small space a lot of life.

Extend your space with mirrors.

Mirrors can help make a small space feel bigger and brighter. A large mirror over a sofa or behind accent chairs can really open up a room. A small mirror behind a lamp will bounce the light back into the room, adding depth and infiltrating corners or highlighting walls. Installing mirrors at the back of shelves is another way to create depth and reflect light.

Hang your curtains high.

Install an extra-long curtain rod at or near the ceiling for floor-to-ceiling draperies. It’ll make your window appear both taller and wider. The fabric you choose for your curtain can also create an illusion of a larger space. Fabrics with vertical patterns add height. Floor-to-ceiling sheer white curtains will not only lengthen a room; they can brighten it too.

Hang large paintings to open up a room.

One secret for making a small room seem larger is to go big with a large piece of art. Large works of art can be the defining element of a small space, tying together a color scheme, and creating a single focal point that anchors other items in the room. It could be anything: a painting, a map, signage, or a rug hanging on a wall. As a central piece, it sets the tone for everything, so make sure you love it.

Put corners to work.

Sectional sofas were invented for a reason: They maximize available space. This same philosophy can be applied in just about every corner of your apartment. Create a cozy lounging nook with a chair and an oversized plant. Install floating corner shelves to showcase knickknacks and prized possessions. Keep books in decorative crates or bins in the corner, next to your favorite reading chair or sofa.

Go vertical with storage.

Save valuable space with vertical storage options such as shelves and standing cabinets. Tall and narrow options allow you to get the most storage out of a small amount of space. In the kitchen, use a standing utensil holder to avoid cluttered drawers. Hanging organizers in the bedroom closet can help you steer clear of rows of shoes and boxes under the bed.


Live life to the fullest at Holly Hall.

Downsizing to a one-bedroom apartment opens up a lot of possibilities at Holly Hall. Instead of having to plan, shop for, and prepare every meal, you can have a chef cook for you. Inviting common spaces are a short walk from your door where you can meet friends for coffee, join an art class, or discuss a bestseller with your book club buddies. A variety of fitness classes are available on campus to help improve your health and well-being. And that’s just the beginning.

To learn more about the benefits of moving to Holly Hall, get in touch. In the meantime, you can explore floor plans and start picturing how you’d like to decorate your apartment.