5 Reasons Families Fight About Senior Care Before Assisted Living

Posted on: July 31st, 2018 by hhmin

Aruging Over Assisted LivingFamilies fight about a lot of things, but senior care for an elderly parent is one of the biggest subjects. Here are five of the top reasons families fight in the months leading up to realizing that a loved one is best suited for assisted living.

1. Having to Care for Both Parents at One Time

Living with one parent who suffers from dementia, Alzheimer’s or any other type of ailment that requires constant care can be difficult on its own. However, when both parents are in need of 24-hour care, this can cause some issues. Not only does the decision have to be made about who will care for the parents, but families may tend to argue about the care methods that may differ from person-to-person.

2. Knowing How to Pay for Senior Assisted Living

Paying for anything major in someone’s lifetime can be stressful for anyone; senior living is no exception. Financially, assisted living may seem like a goal that Is simply out of reach and unaffordable. Money problems cause arguments, but it is important to keep in mind that senior living communities understand the financial hardship that families face. Talk with your preferred community and find out about financing options, payment plans, or any other solutions to having your loved one taken care of and solving the payment dilemma.

3. One Person Has to Do the Hard Work

Caring for a medically delicate loved one is hard work and a labor of love. If one person in the family is doing all of the heavy lifting, they are eventually going to get tired and vent their frustrations. These arguments can be painful and can be avoided by making plans to visit a local senior care community that can help ease the emotional and physical burden of care on the family.

4. The Difficulty of a Loved One’s Individual Needs

Some parents or loved ones may have specific needs that require extra help in order to deal with daily life. Some examples could be:

  • Difficulty bathing,
  • Difficulty with getting dressed, or
  • Needing assistance with eating.

Individual needs are unique but having to deal with them in your own ways can create an emotional friction among families, especially if methods differentiate or if there is no professional or medical advice involved.

5. Parents Can Be Resistant to Care

Knowing when to talk to your loved on about it being time for assisted living and handling the transition properly is important. However, not everyone will see things your way; sometimes that includes your parents or loved one. Resistance leads to arguments. Try to ease them into the idea by taking them on brief visits, to open community outings or a simple scheduled tour that helps them to become more comfortable with the idea of leaving their comfort zone.

Let Holly Hall Retirement Home Help with Your Family’s Assisted Living Needs

Don’t let your loved one’s care become the subject of family discontent. Knowing that it is time for senior living will get the entire family on the road to recovery. Contact Holly Hall today to find out about our Christian community and the specialty services that we offer to our members.