3 Spring Gardening Tips for Independent Living Seniors

Posted on: April 13th, 2018 by hhmin

Independent Living and Gardening TipsSpring is officially here in Texas, and it is time for amateur gardeners to create beds of beauty in their front yard. Texas is home to many popular lawn flowers, so it is no surprise that gardening is such a popular hobby in our lovely state.

Even elderly loved ones in independent living communities enjoy dabbling in the gardening trend. However, the most experienced gardener can come across some aches and pains that the elderly may want to avoid. Here are three of our best tips for independent senior living spring gardening safety.

1. Get the Right Tools

The perfect gardening tools for senior independent living gardening are a must. However, you have to be very specific with the types of tools that you purchase.

Invest in a Coiled Hose

A regular hose makes your loved one run the risk of getting tangled up and falling. Dragging the long, hose can be dangerous, so investing in a coiled hose could help. These senior-friendly hoses are more light weight and flexible making them easy to avoid in the yard.

Focus on Grip

Standard gardening tools can be hard on the independent living community member with arthritis. When picking out gardening tools, try to focus on tools that have an easy-grip option. These tools are usually larger and meant to function while putting less stress on the hands.

2. Be Conscious of How You’re Kneeling

Gardening usually involves getting down on the ground and kneeling to plant your flowers. This can be problematic for loved ones with more delicate bone structures. When squatting down, we want to remind you to never let the heels lift off of the ground. This puts a strain on your ligaments and creates moderate to severe discomfort.

We suggest if you must kneel, take a knee. However, investing in a stool, chair, or other similar kneeling object that can help avoid squatting is your best bet for safe gardening.

3. Practice Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is an excellent way to garden without experiencing the issue of having to squat or be in any uncomfortable position. By utilizing a trellis, you can easily grow some of your favorite vegetables and plants without having to worry about any pain.

If a trellis is not something you see yourself using, then investing in a raised bed for your flowers will also prevent you from having to squat. Both of these techniques also make harvesting, pest control and general maintenance much easier as a whole.

Independent Living at Holly Hall Ensures a Safe Spring for Your Loved One

At Holly Hall Retirement Community, we want all of our community members to be able to enjoy the highest quality of life. If you or a loved one are interested in taking the next step into an independent living community, then Holly Hall is the community for you. We are a Christian organization that offers the best in skilled nursing and senior healthy living.

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