How to Make Senior Living Feel Like Home

Posted on: February 8th, 2021 by hhmin

How to Make Senior Living Feel Like Home for Your Loved One

Even when your loved one knows it’s time to move to a senior living community, it can still be an overwhelming decision. They may be hesitant to leave their long-time home, the place where they house so many memories and feel safest. While leaving can feel bitter sweet, making this move can be an exciting event in their life – especially if their new residence feels like home.
If your loved one is feeling a bit anxious about the move, one way you can help ease their mind is by re-creating their old living environment in their new senior living residence. Creating a familiar, comfortable atmosphere for your loved one can truly make them feel like they’re right at home and help them adjust to to the move faster.

5 Ways to Decorate a Senior Living Apartment

Decorating your loved one’s new senior living residence is crucial to their happiness and comfort. You’ll want to ensure that your loved one is relaxed in their new space and that they aren’t feeling homesick. Here are five ways you can help make your loved one’s new senior living residence feel like home:

  1. Display Family Photos. Having family photos up around the residence is a great way for your loved one to feel like they’re surrounded by the people they care about the most. Encourage your loved one to bring their favorite photo albums and framed pictures to display around the residence. These valuables can alleviate homesickness and help them feel joy and a sense of pride when talking about them with new friends and neighbors.
  2. Paint the Walls. At Holly Hall, residents are welcome to paint the walls of their new residence. Pick out one or a few colors that remind your loved one of home, then watch your loved one’s new home come to life. New colors will make their residence feel more home-like and help create a unique space they enjoy.
  3. Bring Their Favorite Items. Your loved one is welcome to furnish their new home with some items from their previous residence. Maybe they have a favorite chair they would like to bring or have heirlooms with which they don’t want to part. Bringing some of their items from their previous home will add a greater sense of familiarity to their new place.
  4. Fill the Apartment with Familiar Scents. A great way to make a new place feel like home is by filling it with comforting and familiar scents. Maybe your loved one’s home always smelled like lavender or fresh laundry. Help your loved one fill their new home with flowers, wall plug-ins and essential oils to fill their new residence with scents they love.
  5. Hang Their Favorite Artwork. Don’t forget your loved one’s favorite wall décor when decorating their new home! Your loved one’s artwork is a part of their old house and can oftentimes be sentimental, making it even more important to display in their new residence. If your loved one didn’t have any wall décor before, maybe you can help them pick out some new pieces to display.

Holly Hall Gives You the Freedom to Live Life Your Way

At Holly Hall, we want residents to make their new residence feel just like home. Your loved one can change the paint colors in their rooms, hang their own artwork and make additional changes that create a space they’ll love. We believe that allowing residents to have this freedom helps acclimate them to this new setting and chapter of life.

Is your loved one ready to enjoy a vibrant, active lifestyle in senior living? Our senior living residences include unique cottages and apartment styles of living. Contact us today to learn more about life at Holly Hall!