7 Independent Living Father’s Day Gifts and Activities

Posted on: June 5th, 2018 by hhmin

Independent Living Father's DayFather’s Day is just around the bend and it is time to start thinking about how to thank Dad for just being himself. If your father is in independent living, you may think that the options for fun are limited. However, you’d be very wrong. Here are 7 Father’s Day ideas that you can implement to make this year’s Father’s Day count!

1. Visit a Local Museum or Other Historic Sightseeing Spot

Many dads love history and enjoy taking in as much information as possible. Sure, you could get him a book with historical facts in it but think about taking the gift a step further with a special outing. Take him to a local historical museum or another landmark that will bring up some topical conversation you can both enjoy.

2. Take Dad to a Baseball Game

Sports is always a fun pastime. With baseball season in full-swing, take Dad out for a day at the ballpark. Enjoy a hotdog and soda while also ensuring that both of you play it safe in the sun.

3. Treat Your Dad to a Spa Day

Even dads love a good spa day. Schedule a massage for him this year and help him relieve any tension that you may have inadvertently caused over the years.

4. Drive Him to a Friend’s House for a Game Day

When parents live in an independent living community, sometimes it may be difficult for them to just get out to meet with their old friends. Surprise Dad this Father’s Day and schedule a game day or barbecue at an old friend’s or your house. Pick him up and be his personal chauffeur of fun for the day. Having the chance to catch up with old friends over a game of Poker is sure to put a smile on his face.

5. Watch an Old Favorite Movie Together

For an easy day in, turn on some Netflix or rent an old favorite. Make sure it’s one that he has already seen so that you can enjoy the inevitable yet funny dad jokes or insightful commentary that will surely come during the viewing.

6. Get Him Connected with Audiobooks

Your dad most likely has a smart device that allows him to use applications. Surprise him this year by paying for a subscription to Audible and grabbing him a few audiobooks and headphones. This is truly the gift that gives all year, especially with the monthly credit that comes with the affordable subscription.

7. Enjoy Nature Together

After you have enjoyed the day, take the time to wind it down as the sun sets. Take a walk around a local park with Dad and just talk about life, the fun times in the past, and how much he is appreciated.

Plan A Fun-Filled Father’s Day with Your Visit to Holly Hall

If your parents are thinking about moving into an independent living community, get in touch with Holly Hall Retirement Community today. Our staff will be happy to schedule a visit or answer any of the questions that you or your family may have.