How to Boost Your Immune System

Posted on: December 8th, 2020 by hhmin

Did you know your immune system works around the clock to keep your body healthy and functioning properly? There are countless illnesses and disorders that can impact your health, but a complex collection of cells and organs play a key role in keeping you healthy.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to avoid getting sick during cold and flu season. That’s why it’s important to understand how your immune system works and maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep your immune health up.

How Does the Immune System Work?

Your immune system functions to keep your body free from germs, bacteria and viruses. Large networks of organs, white blood cells, chemicals and proteins work together to protect you from disease-causing parasites.

When your immune system is strong and working as it should, it protects you from getting sick. However, when your immune system is weak or not functioning properly, harmful bacteria are able to make their way into the body and cause infections. While getting sick from time to time is a natural part of life, there are behaviors and lifestyle changes you can make to keep your immune system strong.

4 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Here are a few ways you can update your normal routine to boost your immune system and keep yourself healthy this winter season:

  1. Eat a Healthy Diet. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is imperative to your overall health. Foods that are rich in vitamin A such as carrots, sweet potato, spinach and broccoli are considered immune system boosters. You should also include a decent amount of vitamin C in your diet by eating citrus fruits, red bell pepper and kiwi. Be sure to also include high levels of zinc, vitamin E and protein in your diet, as these are necessary to maintain your immune health.
  2. Exercise Regularly. Another great way to boost your immune system is to incorporate exercise into your normal weekly routine. When you exercise regularly, you’re helping to increase your blood flow, reduce stress and inflammation, and strengthen antibodies in your body. At Holly Hall, we offer our wellness programs that provide you with a variety of safe and engaging workouts designed to improve your health and fitness.
  3. Follow a Normal Sleep Schedule. Studies have shown you’re more likely to get sick from being exposed to a virus like the common cold if you don’t get enough sleep each night. This is because your immune system releases proteins called cytokines when you sleep. These proteins help combat infections and inflammation. If you’re not sleeping well, your body may not be able to produce the number of cytokines it needs to efficiently fight off infections.
  4. Take Steps to Avoid Infection. A simple way you can keep your immune system in good working condition is by practicing proper hygiene. Your hygiene actually serves as a first line of defense against germs. Washing your hands regularly, covering your mouth when you cough, not sharing dishes and avoiding direct contact with napkins used by others are all actions that can help your body avoid germs that could potentially cause you to become ill.

Experience a Safe Living Environment at Holly Hall

At Holly Hall, nothing is more important to us than the health and wellbeing of all our residents and team members. That’s why we strive to provide a safe, healthy environment for all to live in and are following the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s guidelines to ensure Holly Hall remains a safe place to live.

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