Questions to Ask Skilled Nursing Facilities

Posted on: January 15th, 2021 by hhmin

Skilled Nursing Facilities: What are They and What You Need to Know

If your loved one has recently experienced a fall, undergone surgery or encountered another change to their health, they may require additional care and support. This is where places like skilled nursing facilities can come into play. A skilled nursing facility can offer the personalized care your loved one needs and help them recover so they can get back to living their life the way they always have.

What is a Skilled Nursing Facility?

A skilled nursing facility provides post-hospital care to your loved one following an illness, surgery or injury. A skilled nursing facility is designed to provide your loved one with the support and care they need to efficiently recover and get back on their feet in a timely manner. Services that your loved one may experience include medication management, physical, speech, and occupational therapies, and wound care.

 3 Questions to Ask Skilled Nursing Facilities

If your loved one requires additional health care, chances are you have a lot of questions about  choosing the best skilled nursing facility possible. Here are three questions you should ask as you begin your search for a qualified skilled nursing facility for your loved one:

  1. How Do You Determine What Care My Loved One Needs? This question will help you better understand the skilled nursing facility’s approach to providing personalized care to each of its patients. It’s important that your loved one receives a customized care plan that is created with information from their doctors and family members to ensure it meets their needs effectively.
  1. Is a Nurse Available 24/7 at Your Skilled Nursing Facility? It’s important for your loved one to have access to a registered nurse at all times in the instance that any unexpected needs occur. Having 24/7 access to a nurse at a skilled nursing facility, like the one at Holly Hall, ensures the safety, security and wellbeing of your loved one.
  2. What Kind of Training Does Your Staff Have? It’s crucial to find out the level of education, certification and expertise of the staff at the skilled nursing facilities you’re considering. This type of information can help you better understand the quality of care your loved one will receive and decide if the staff will be able to meet their unique needs.

Skilled Nursing Services at Holly Hall

At Holly Hall, our skilled nursing services are designed to provide rehabilitation services that can help your loved one recover after a stroke, chemotherapy, a joint replacement, or a hospitalization.

Our Healthcare Center is located just minutes from the world-renowned Texas Medical Center and offers 24-hour skilled services and a full range of rehabilitation therapies including speech, physical, occupational, and respiratory therapies.

When your loved one chooses Holly Hall for their skilled nursing needs, they will have access to the following benefits, amenities and services:

  • A five-star rated facility with staff ratios exceeding both state and federal standards
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation services that focus on treating the whole person – physically, emotionally, and socially
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy seven days a week, depending on what they require
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation, diabetes management, medication management, wound care, IV and respiratory therapies
  • Personalized therapy programs that are tailored to your loved one’s needs to help maximize their recovery
  • Private and semi-private rooms with private bathrooms
  • Three daily meals, all of Holly Hall’s activities, and assistance with daily activities of living
  • Palliative and hospice care in collaboration with the hospice provider of you and your loved one’s choice
  • We accept Medicare and insurance from a variety of providers.

Holly Hall Provides Your Loved One with Dedicated Skilled Nursing Services

Holly Hall’s skilled nursing services can provide quality care to your loved one and peace of mind for you knowing they’re receiving the personalized attention and support they require. Our dedicated and experienced skilled nursing team is here to care for your loved one and help them recover as quickly as possible.

Contact us at 281-936-2878 to learn more about our skilled nursing services and how we can help your loved one recover to their desired level of independence.