Retirement Community Must-Haves for Seniors

Posted on: September 20th, 2016 by hhmin

The point at which an elderly person can no longer live alone without experiencing danger regarding the ability to care for himself or herself is a difficult time in anyone’s life. Whether it’s the children who must help make a decision or the senior who must come to terms with his or her own declining health, one thing is for certain: seniors have a pretty strong list of must-haves for what they want in their retirement community. Here are some of those must-haves.

An Affordable Home, But a Home with Value

The cost of aging isn’t insignificant, particularly when you consider people are living longer than ever and into their seventies, eighties, and even nineties. The cost of long-term care is one of the main considerations for seniors, as well as for their children and anyone else responsible for ensuring an elderly loved one has the support he or she needs.

While searching for the most affordable home is one way to go about finding a retirement community, the absolute lowest priced residence isn’t always going to represent the best value. Seniors will pay more for their lodgings when there are valuable features and amenities included that would represent a boost in quality-of-life.

Retirement Communities with Continuum of Careassisted-living-for-seniors

Retirement communities provide assistance at many levels from independent living to the significant help offered at a skilled nursing facility. One helpful facet of some retirement communities is the opportunity to increase the level of care received or move into another facility on the same grounds that provides increased assistance.

Once a senior moves into a retirement community, it can become a daunting task to accept that additional help might be required even beyond the initial amount of assistance sought. A health issue or mobility problem may mean the senior would fare better at a facility with a greater level of care. Some retirement communities have different levels of care at the same location, so a second move isn’t required.

Freedom with Supervision

Once a senior has accepted that he or she requires daily assistance for life, moving into a retirement community can feel like one’s freedoms are being taken away. At Holly Hall, this is not the case. Our community is home, where residents are free to live as they please and enjoy the¬†amenities and receive our assistance as they see fit.

Attentive Staff

As much as seniors value their freedom, the common purpose of residing in a retirement community is to live in a situation where help is always close at hand. Even if they don’t realize it before they move into the community, seniors want a retirement community that doesn’t stretch its staff too thin to care for residents properly.

Moving into a retirement home or community where there isn’t adequate availability of staff can have a debilitating impact on seniors who need help with daily activities. Having a staff member who isn’t stressed and overworked and who is readily available to help can ensure a senior feels safe and cared for in his or her new home.

Holly Hall, A Houston Retirement Community

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