How to Tell If It’s Time for Assisted Living

Posted on: July 26th, 2022 by hhmin

Deciding to move to assisted living can be difficult, but it can also be a positive step. Assisted living communities provide people finding it harder to live independently with care and support with daily living activities based on individual needs and wishes. Here are 5 signs it may be time to consider moving to a community that offers continued care.

5 Signs It’s Time for Assisted Living

Safety concerns

Safety concerns are often a major factor in the decision to move to assisted living, especially if you or a loved one is living alone or has recently become prone to accidents. Assisted living can provide extra support and supervision to stay safe if you are worried about falls, wandering, being forgetful and confused about time and place, or having difficulty walking or using the stairs.

Trouble managing daily tasks

When daily tasks become too much for an aging loved one to handle alone, it could indicate that it is time to receive regular assistance. This could look like:

– Needing assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting

– Difficulty cooking and preparing regular meals

– Help with activities of daily living such as housekeeping, taking medication, and laundry

Inability to keep up with a household

An inability to keep up with a household can be frustrating and overwhelming. If you find yourself or your aging loved one neglecting home or yard work, it may be time to consider a retirement community that offers:

  • Maintenance-free living
  • A variety of social and recreational activities

Forgetting to take medication

What’s worse than forgetting medication or not taking it at all? Skipping doses. This can lead to dangerous consequences, like a condition getting worse or requiring more severe treatment. Luckily, services in assisted living communities like Holly Hall Retirement Community provide a place where residents will be monitored or reminded about their prescribed medications to take them on time every single day.

Neglecting proper nutrition 

Proper nutrition is essential for maintaining good health. If you are struggling to eat a balanced diet, an assisted living community can help by providing:

  • Healthy and nutritious meals
  • Regular nutrition counseling
  • Alternative and delicious options to accommodate dietary needs
  • Flexible dining times

How Holly Hall Helps Aging Parents Transition to Assisted Living With Peace of Mind

The majority of people that move to our assisted living community have recently had a change in condition or experienced a distressful incident. For example, one resident who lived alone went through a major security scare from a burglary. Moving to Holly Hall gave that person a sense of peace as our property is gated and has security guards 24/7.

Our proactive emergency preparedness also gives aging loved ones peace of mind because they never have to go through a hurricane, flood, or severe winter weather alone or without power. Holly Hall is the first retirement community with on-demand electric reliability that keeps the power on at all times, so our residents are safe and comfortable no matter the storm. 

We have heard many times from family members that their loved ones bounced back and improved after moving to our assisted living community. Many factors contribute to this improvement as a result of our care, such as daily check-ins from a Licensed Nurse, three daily meals sourced from local and fresh vendors; everyday housekeeping; weekly laundry services; transportation services, and social and physical activities. 

Tour Holly Hall Retirement Community’s Assisted Living Units

We know it is a huge transition moving to assisted living, but it may be the best option if the person is experiencing any of these signs above. Holly Hall’s assisted living units are the largest in the market and offer support, assistance, and opportunities for independence, socialization, and recreation. Our Southern lifestyle helps people feel like they are right at home. Contact us today to learn more about our gracious continuing care community or to schedule a tour. We are here to help!