Staying Connected With Your Loved One in a Retirement Community

Posted on: January 19th, 2018 by hhmin

Skype in a Retirement Community is PopularIf you have a loved one in senior assisted living or in a retirement community, then you already know that it is crucial to stay connected with them. By staying connected with your loved on in assisted living, you are contributing to the improvement of their social and emotional health as they enjoy their new home within their community.

Being able to communicate with loved ones at a retirement community has never been easier than it is in 2018. We live in a modern age of technology, and here are some of the best ways that you can use technology to stay connected even when you can’t make a physical visit.

FaceTime and Skype

With the invention of video calls, you can now not only talk on the phone, but have an actual screen-to-screen conversation where you can speak with your loved one’s face on video.

Although these methods may take a couple of trials to get your loved one accustomed to using them, once you start using Skype you will find out why they are one of the more popular methods of communication. Not only do you get to see the expression on your family member’s face when you call, but you are able to get a good look at them and see how healthy they are looking on the outside.

Text Messaging and Email

Some elderly family members may prefer to communicate with the written word. Although snail mail is not as widely used these days, text messages and emails are a great way to meet their wishes in this way.

There is just something about written words that tend to bring out the eloquence in people, and a text or email is easily saved for those times when you need to pull up a warm memory or conversation with your loved one.

Other Social Applications

Some senior citizens are more tech-savvy than others and rely on modern phones and tablets to stay in touch with their families. By using social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, you can not only stay in touch with your loved one, but do it on a social level that allows them to feel connected and creative at the same time.

Good Old-Fashioned Phone Call

Sometimes nothing can beat the sound of the dial tone ringing and the sound of a loved one’s voice to brighten up a day. Some people simply enjoy chatting on the phone for a few minutes a day. It’s a communication method that has lasted throughout the decades.

Holly Hall Retirement Community Helps You Keep In Touch

How you choose to communicate with your loved one in a retirement home is a decision that needs to be made between you and your family member. The possibilities are virtually endless, and it has been proven that seniors in touch with their loved ones live longer lives.

If you are looking for a Christian retirement community for your loved one get in touch with Holly Hall today. We are eager to introduce you and your family to our community.