The Importance of Proper Nutrition for Seniors

Posted on: July 21st, 2022 by hhmin

As we age, our bodies change in a variety of ways. We may lose muscle mass, our bones become thinner and more fragile, and our metabolism shifts. These changes can make getting the nutrients we need from our food more difficult. Another factor that can affect people as they age is chronic conditions, which can impact appetite and nutrient absorption. This is why receiving proper nutrition is essential for seniors, as it helps maintain their independence, protect their cognitive function, and prevent falls and other injuries. Eating a balanced diet can also help reduce the risk of several chronic diseases, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. For all these reasons, it’s paramount that seniors eat various nutrient-rich foods and receive regular consultations with a nutritionist or healthcare professional to ensure their specific needs are met as they age. At our close-knit retirement community, we make sure of this for our residents.

Holly Hall’s mission is “adding years to life and life to years.” Our culinary, healthcare, and dietician staff exemplify that statement in how our dining services are operated. From vibrant food plating to proper nutritional counseling, our residents are happier and more engaged–adding life to years–with fresh, locally sourced, healthy, and delicious meals. At Holly Hall, we feed body, mind, and soul, enhancing our residents from the inside out. Read more about how we offer essential ingredients for a happier, healthier life in our retirement community.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional counseling and meeting residents’ dietary needs are important initiatives at Holly Hall Retirement Community. Our team records every allergy and nutritional need for each of our residents, and they are followed closely on a continual basis by their care plans. Our Healthcare Administrator and Dietician assess residents weekly for nutritional care, and our Culinary staff ensures everyone has an elevated dining experience no matter the dietary restriction.

Just because someone has a restriction doesn’t mean they can’t still enjoy their meals. For instance, there is an amazing gluten-free resident in our community. She ate chicken and veggies every day because she thought she was limited in what she could eat. Through nutritional counseling, our staff was able to introduce and serve her cauliflower-crusted pizza so she could still enjoy pizza while meeting her healthcare needs.

If residents are on a renal diet of no tomato sauce, our culinary team can make pizza and pasta dishes with alfredo or pesto sauces, so they can still have the dignity of the original meal item. The same level of consideration and coordination applies to our residents who might be on a puree diet; there is attention to detail, and food textures are modified, so their meal is appealing, satisfying, and nutritious.

Enjoy Chef-Prepared Menus at Holly Hall Retirement Community

We pride ourselves at Holly Hall Retirement Community on serving our residents and staff members with premium produce and the freshest ingredients. Our local produce vendor never ceases to amaze, and our menus are strategically crafted to entice the senses and indulge your appetite. It is always our goal to meet and exceed our residents’ expectations. Our new seasonal rotation menu will provide the diversity and inclusion of all residents, families, and staff. Be on the lookout for exciting new options and vibrant plating, and check out what’s cooking at Holly Hall this summer. Bon Appetit! To learn more about our dining or if you want to come to see our senior living community for yourself, contact us here.