Wellness Programming at Holly Hall

Posted on: October 12th, 2020 by hhmin

Why is Wellness Important for Seniors?

Wellness is an important component of every stage of life but becomes even more important to maintain as we age. One part of living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle is exercising regularly. This is because exercise has proven health benefits and can even help reduce your risk of different illnesses and injuries.
But another part of wellness is your mental and emotional health. Wellness programs, like the one offered at Holly Hall, can help ensure you’re tending to all the dimensions of wellness during your golden years.

What is a Wellness Program for Seniors?

The National Institute of Wellness defines wellness as “an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.” Therefore, a wellness program for seniors is designed to help you do just that – make choices that help you live a more balanced, successful lifestyle.

Wellness programs designed for seniors are meant to offer older adults a variety of health benefits, as well as, educational resources to help guide behaviors, habits and lifestyle changes that can enhance their quality of life.

Wellness Programming at Holly Hall

Liliana Burnett, Director of Wellness at Holly Hall, understands the importance of wellness programming for seniors and has used her background in nutrition, wellness, fitness and psychology to create Holly Hall’s current wellness programming options.

“When I first joined Holly Hall last year, the residents were listening to an old YMCA tape from a previous instructor and following along to maintain their fitness,” Liliana said. “I knew they needed to have something else in place, so I began to create wellness programming based on the National Institute of Wellness’s Model of Wellness.”

“I knew they needed a robust wellness program in place, so I began to create wellness programs and activities based on the Six Dimensions of Wellness developed by the National Institute of Wellness. The goal is to ensure that every resident is able to maintain a pleasant state of wellness and provide opportunities that support them.”

Holly Hall’s wellness programming address these Six Dimensions of Wellness – physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional and occupational. To kick things off, Liliana started with physical wellness, assessing the functional fitness of the residents with a simple series of test items to determine their appropriate fitness levels.

“The assessment was comprised of six tests measuring lower body strength, upper body strength, endurance, agility, lower body flexibility and upper body flexibility,” Liliana explained. “It’s six simple exercises that allowed me to identify their weak areas and limitations so that I could tailor the programs to specifically meet their needs.”

Once Liliana had a better understanding of what residents needed and their own personal physical fitness goals, she was able to create a new wellness program for all residents.

The Physical Components of Wellness Programming

The new wellness programming at Holly Hall is comprised of different ways for residents to improve their physical, mental and emotional wellness. There are a variety of different classes available through Holly Hall’s wellness programming:

Balance and Core Classes – These classes are designed to help residents improve their balance and core.

HIIT Classes – This is a quick, high intensity interval training class focusing primarily on cardio. The high intensity is at the residents’ intensity, to ensure they are safely able to participate.

Resistance Bands Classes – This class incorporates different levels of resistance or exercise bands to help strengthen their biceps, triceps, shoulders and back. Residents are encouraged to continue to use the bands and progress onto the next level.

Upper / Lower Body RX Classes – These classes focus on strengthening the upper and lower body by using your body weight in addition to equipment, such as Pilates rings, circular bands, dumbbells and foot gliders to strengthen their muscles.

Chair Dancing Classes – These classes involve doing exercise routines in chairs while listening to familiar oldies music.

Activities and Events to Address the Other Dimensions of Wellness

In addition to these physical classes, there are also different components of Holly Hall’s wellness program that focus on all the other dimensions of wellness for seniors:

National Geographic, Art, and Historical Documentaries – Residents can continue to learn and stimulate their minds through all different types of documentaries played on campus.

iPhone and Zoom Classes – These classes are designed to help residents become more familiar with different technologies in order to better stay connected to loved ones. These have been especially useful during this year’s pandemic, as our residents can easily interact with loved ones from afar.

Resident-Led Classes – Residents can even take more of a leadership role in Holly Hall’s wellness programming, helping to keep everyone stimulated. Our residents have hosted events like painting, woodshop and succulent potting classes to help keep everyone entertained and engaged.

Tea Parties and Sip & Symphonies –Residents will enjoy each other’s company and sip on some tea or wine while listening to various performers, such as a pianist or cellist play classics, like Mozart.

Bus Tours – Residents can hop on a bus tour and travel to various locations and attractions in Houston. Previous tours such as the Botanical Gardens, Memorial Park, Discovery Green and Rice University included historical facts which the residents enjoyed.

Enjoy an All-Inclusive Wellness Program at Holly Hall

Wellness is a lifelong journey and at Holly Hall you’ll never have to worry about achieving it – because we’ve got you covered! From our variety of fitness classes, hands-on activities, cognitive and mental activities to our Broadway musical showings, we truly have something to help everyone strengthen their mind, body, and spirit.

Contact us today at 713-799-9031 to learn more about our wellness programming and senior living options.