Which Retirement Community Level of Care is Best for Your Loved One

Posted on: June 27th, 2016 by hhmin

Choosing Senior Living Apartments In Houston, TXWhen it comes to moving your loved one into a retirement community, you will undoubtedly face a plethora of options. That is why doing thorough research is very important to help you make the best decision. From the cost to the location to the amenities, each community will have its own differences, however, finding the correct type of care for your family member should be the top priority.

Depending on the level of care your aging loved one will need should greatly impact you and your family’s decision. That is why, at Holly Hall Retirement Community, we believe in options. In fact, we offer three different levels of care from which our residents may choose.

Three Levels of Care Available at Holly Hall

If you are on the hunt for the best retirement community for your aging parent, here is a guide to help you decide which level of care is best.

Assisted Living

Assisted living at Holly Hall is great for aging adults who need help with daily living tasks like bathing and dressing, but not the 24-hour attention and care that you would find at a nursing home.

At Holly Hall, our assisted living residents experience the joys of living in a retirement community but can also enjoy a sense of independence. This level of care is ideal for residents who are mobile and can appreciate the private rooms or suites, dining programs, on-hand health professionals, housekeeping services, transportation, and the 24-hour maintenance services our assisted living care provides.

Independent Living

Independent living is perfect for the retirement-aged adult who enjoys living in their current home, but no longer wants or can handle the responsibilities of being a homeowner.

Located in our beautiful community are our independent living cottages and apartments which come equipped with kitchens and weekly housekeeping. With independent living at Holly Hall, our residents have the ability to live privately and independently within a retirement community while still reaping the benefits of our many amenities.

Healthcare Living

Once your loved one is a resident at Holly Hall, should he or she ever require a little more TLC as far as medical care and daily living tasks, our healthcare living will be available to them. This includes residents who need…

  • Short-term care
  • Skilled nursing stays after a surgery
  • Medical incident that necessitates physical, speech, or occupational therapy

With Healthcare living at Holly Hall, they will receive our standard community amenities as well as the additional medical attention they need. They will also receive benefits like an individually focused care plan developed by our certified medical staff, 24-hour nursing oversight, and an urgent call system which is available in every semi-private and private room.

Choosing the right level of care for your ailing or aging adult is a very important decision. Why not eliminate the guesswork by choosing Holly Hall Retirement Community, the senior care center that has everything your family member will need?

Contact Holly Hall Retirement Community today or download our online brochure to learn more about our experience and everything we have to offer.