Why Choose an Active Retirement Community?

Posted on: February 3rd, 2021 by hhmin

Why You Should Choose an Active Retirement Community

When you’re ready to retire and begin your search for the perfect retirement community to call home, you may not know for which qualifications to look. Sure, you probably have a rough idea of what your ideal retirement community looks like, but are you aware of what makes a community a good choice? One aspect you should pay close attention to when selecting your retirement community is how active the community is.

Benefits of an Active Retirement Community

An active lifestyle can significantly improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

That’s part of the reason it’s so important to choose an active retirement community, like Holly Hall, to ensure you’re able to live a healthy lifestyle throughout your golden years.

“Our wellness programming promotes a culture of wellbeing; staying active both physically and mentally through a variety of activities that support the residents’ interests and that fosters a sense of independence,” explained Liliana Burnett, Wellness Director at Holly Hall. “This is one of our ultimate goals at Holly Hall – to prolong independence for as long as possible and make sure residents feel good about themselves.”

Physical Benefits

Residents of an active retirement community have the opportunity to continue to stay active, healthy and independent through a variety of wellness classes and opportunities. The benefits of being physically active in a retirement community range from preventing injuries and improving blood pressure to reducing the risk of diabetes and other illnesses.

These health benefits are, in part, due to how staying active helps you manage your body weight and improve your physical strength. Your metabolism naturally slows down as you age, so you need to stay active to burn calories, maintain muscle mass and give your metabolism a much-needed boost. Daily activity also strengthens your bones and joints, reducing your risk of falls and helping you control pain associated with arthritis and joint swelling.

Emotional and Mental Benefits

There’s no doubt that your physical wellness is heightened by living a more vigorous lifestyle. However, doing more each day also improves your mental and emotional wellness. In fact, adopting an active lifestyle at an active retirement community can help you avoid loneliness and isolation.

“Regular exercise has been linked to improved cognitive function and increased ability to fight off depression,” Liliana explained. “The social aspect of a group fitness activity is also a positive for seniors, as it’s a time for them to get out of their room, feel good about themselves and exercise with their neighbors.”

Improvements in Everyday Life

Seniors who are regularly active tend to experience improvements in what we tend to take for granted – walking up and down stairs, doing the laundry, bathing and other activities of daily living. In fact, overall quality of health is higher for residents at an active retirement community because of the activities, enrichment programming and personalized support available.

“Holly Hall provides residents with a mixture of wellness classes to help them stay active. I’ve incorporated every aspect of wellness, so that residents have a variety from which to choose,” Liliana explained. “We also have our professionals and healthcare providers that routinely come and help our residents find safe ways to move and be active.”

At Holly Hall, residents have access to a range of wellness programming, activities and events. For example, residents can participate in exercise classes that include balance and core, HIIT, resistance band, upper/lower body RX and chair dancing. Our wellness programming goes beyond physical health, though, with National Geographic, art and historical documentaries, sightseeing and educational bus tours, tea parties and symphonies, and so many more engaging activities.

At Holly Hall, you can maintain the active lifestyle you’re used to or enhance it – taking part in activities you love and trying new ones you’ll come to enjoy.

Holly Hall Provides Residents with an Active Lifestyle

Holly Hall’s Wellness Department offers plenty of opportunities for residents to be active and healthy. Our wellness programming encompasses the mind, body and spirit to ensure residents have everything they need to live a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. And, as a resident at Holly Hall, you’ll always be surrounded by people passionate about what they do and willing to find new and creative ways to help you enhance your active lifestyle.

“Holly Hall is a great place to be,” Liliana said. “I love coming to work, I love what I do. I am always looking for new opportunities and ways to keep seniors active both physically and mentally. I’m always looking to do more to support the residents.”

Contact us today to learn more about the wellness programming and senior living options available at Holly Hall.