Benefits of Senior Living

Posted on: February 18th, 2021 by hhmin

Reasons to Choose Senior Living at Holly Hall

As we age, personal responsibilities can get in the way of what we really want to do. For example, home maintenance and yard work may replace you getting lost in a good novel or learning a new language. Monthly bills may prevent you from enjoying travel and nearby attractions. Fortunately, senior living communities like Holly Hall offer the freedom to choose how you spend each day.

Our active retirement lifestyle offers you the opportunity to create the life you’ve always wanted; a life free from household worries and full of nurturing new experiences.

Benefits of Senior Living at Holly Hall

Joining the Holly Hall senior living community means adopting an active, vibrant lifestyle. Here are just some of the benefits of senior living for residents at Holly Hall:

  • Scenic Campus Views. Our campus is full of breathtaking views no matter where you look. From beautifully landscaped lawns and lush green garden spaces filled with flowers to our scenic walking paths, you will love spending time outdoors on our peaceful, 20-acre campus.
  • Wellness Programming. Maintaining wellness as you age is very important to your overall health. At Holly Hall, we provide wellness programming designed to enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being. We provide a variety of fitness classes, documentary showings, bus tours and more to keep you engaged and help you maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Easy Access to Healthcare Services. When you join a senior living community like Holly Hall, you will have access to a multitude of healthcare options, should your health needs change over time. We provide short-term rehabilitation, extended stays and long-term nursing care services to all residents. We also provide assisted living and respite care services, all right on our campus. We are also located in close proximity to the Texas Medical Center and can even provide transportation to the center if needed.

Holly Hall Resident Testimonials

You don’t just have to take our word for what makes Holly Hall a great place to live, though. Instead, you can hear from our own residents about why they love living on our campus!

For our resident Nell R, she felt Holly Hall offered the safe and secure environment her and her spouse needed.

“We came to Holly Hall because we were ready for a retirement community,” Nell said. “My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and we felt we needed to move somewhere where we could plan better and where our needs could be met. We felt like Holly Hall suited us best.”

Safety was also a key factor for our resident, Dr. James. He urges that people move here sooner rather than later for peace of mind.

“If I were talking to somebody that was on the fence about moving to Holly Hall, I would tell them to get off the fence and get here while you still have some opportunity to select where you want to be and get here and be safe,” Dr. James explained.

For other residents, Holly Hall offers the beauty and active lifestyle they wanted in a retirement community. For Nat W., another resident at Holly Hall, she loves how many programs are available to keep her busy.

For Fran D., the campus offered the scenic home she always wanted in her golden years:

“When you come onto the Holly Hall campus, you’ll find greenery and flowers, this is part of what we see every day,” Fran D. said. “We’ve got windows where we can view the outside, including the birds, trees, every part of nature and it’s so inviting.”

Discover Vibrant Senior Living at Holly Hall

At Holly Hall, we provide senior living options that inspire independence and promote an enhanced lifestyle. When you become a Holly Hall resident, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful views and endless opportunities to enrich your retirement years.

Contact us today to learn more about our senior living options and envision what your life could be like at Holly Hall.