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Introversion Ideas for Senior Living

Posted on: May 5th, 2019 by hhmin

Introversion Ideas for Senior LivingIn life, there are two prominent personalities that people will meet; extroverts and introverts. When it comes to senior community members, these personality types are something that have either developed over the years or in the case of introversion, could be part of a memory disorder.

Extroverts tend to enjoy being social in a senior living environment, but if you have an introverted loved one entering an assisted living community, it may be a good idea to consider some criteria and activity ideas that will help keep them comfortable in their new home.

Consider a Ready-Made Community

A ready-made community like Holly Hall has the experience and expertise to help care for people who have different types of personality needs. A ready-made community will be able to respect your loved one’s needs while also ensuring that they will not become isolated and become depressed due to the lack of social interaction.

Introversion does not necessarily mean that someone likes to be alone. Their quiet nature simply means that they have a social limit and need some time to recharge after exerting themselves through social interactions.

Understanding the activities that your potential assisted living community offers is important to knowing how the location will benefit your loved one.

Consider Their Usual Favorite Pastimes

Outside of activities offered within the community, it is a good idea to keep track of your loved one’s favorite pastimes. This way, you have possible activities to stimulate their mind when you come over for a visit. Some activities that are perfect for those who are prone to introversion include:

  • Reading books from a local library,
  • Leisure walks,
  • Bird watching,
  • Drawing, and
  • Various games.

The main goal of these stimulating activities is to ensure that your loved one feels safe and has the time to become quiet if their personality calls for it.

Pick Up a New Hobby Online

Privacy is one of the things that introverts care about the most. That is why picking up online-based hobbies can be a lifesaver for introverts in assisted living communities. Developing a hobby online gives your loved one the chance to find ways to entertain themselves without having to interact with someone if they don’t have the energy for it. Some fun hobbies that your loved one can pick up include:

  • Learning a new instrument via YouTube tutorials,
  • Watching online cooking courses,
  • Knitting ideas,
  • Free, online poker and card games.

Finding a hobby is one of the best things for an introvert. The next time you visit, sit down with your loved one and help him or her discover his or her new favorite pastime.

Introverts and Extroverts Alike Are Welcome to the Holly Hall Family

If you have a loved one that is an introvert and is concerned about their privacy in assisted living, finding the right home for them is important. At Holly Hall Retirement Community, we offer activities and privacy options to please people from all walks of life.

Contact Holly Hall today to find out how to schedule a tour. We look forward to making your loved one comfortable in our community.


Helping Your Assisted Living Loved One with Sundowners

Posted on: March 5th, 2018 by hhmin

sundowners in assisted livingAround 40 million people in America each year suffer from sleep disorders. Some sleep disorders can occur in the elderly with mental disorders like depression, dementia, or Alzheimer’s. One sleep disorder that science is still grasping to understand in the elderly is sundowners. Here is some important information on what it is, the symptoms to look out for, its triggers, and some ways to mitigate the problem with your loved one in assisted living.

What Is Sundowners?

Sundowners syndrome, or “sundowning,” is a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Another reference to the syndrome by name is “late-day confusion.”

The term sundowners is a term that describes patterns of behavior problems that onset in the late afternoon and early evening. Aside from Alzheimer’s disease, this syndrome is also sometimes found in older people recovering from surgery. Someone exhibiting the symptoms of this syndrome may frighten loved ones experiencing this for the first time. That is why it is important to understand the symptoms of sundowners.


When your loved one is sundowning, some of the symptoms that you may notice include:

  • Agitation
  • Restlessness
  • Irritable
  • Disoriented
  • Suspicious
  • Demanding
  • Pacing
  • Hearing or Seeing Things That Aren’t There
  • Mood Swings

It is known that 1 out of 5 people with Alzheimer’s are susceptible to sundown syndrome.

What Triggers Sundowners?

Sundowners is probably the most direct name that could be given for this illness. Scientists believe that changes in the brain of someone that has dementia or Alzheimer’s is what triggers sundowners in people. These brain changes impact a person’s inner body clock and they become unable to properly determine when they need to be awake or sleep.

Some common triggers for the syndrome are:

  • Less light in the house
  • Being unable to separate dreams from reality

What Are Some Ways to Soothe Symptoms?

There are several ways to help your loved one in a retirement home deal with life and sundowners. Some basic approaches include:

  • Encouraging exercise to expend energy
  • Limit caffeine intake
  • Plan family activities during the day so that the transition to the evening is easier
  • Create a private spot where your loved one can relax
  • Calm them with music or other therapeutic sounds
  • Consult with their doctor about medications that support those with the syndrome

Another key approach to easing sundowning is to regulate your loved one’s sleep. Knowing his or her routine will help you to understand when sundowners usually sets in for him or her. Once you understand his or her sleep cycle, you will be able to prevent excessive napping and help your loved one sleep through the night.

Holly Hall Offers Skilled Nursing at Our Facility that Helps with Sundowners

If you or your loved one are considering a move to our Christian retirement community, but are concerned with the onset of sundowners, you have nothing to worry about. The professional nursing staff at Holly Hall has the experience and capabilities to handle sundowners and other medical conditions that make senior living difficult at home. Get in touch with us today to arrange a tour and find out more about our assisted living community.


Best Apps For Senior Living Family Members

Posted on: December 5th, 2017 by hhmin

Best Apps for Senior Living Family MembersEveryone is connected to each other through technology these days. From Facebook gossip to endless hordes of online play to win video games, one could say that technology has made people detached and overly reliant on something that really doesn’t help us too much in our daily lives.

Sure, phone apps can be a great way to kill a few mindless hours during the day, but by definition, an application is something that was made to fulfill a purpose. That purpose can be for pure fun or for something useful.

If you have a loved one who is in assisted senior living, they most likely have a smart phone or tablet to keep themselves up-to-date and entertained. However, these electronics can be so much more helpful than the next game of Candy Crush. Here are our favorite apps that are useful for seniors in assisted living.

Magnifying Glass With Light

This free app available on the iPhone and iPad is extremely useful for senior citizens that have decreased eyesight. Reading small print in books, magazines, and menus, can be a struggle for our older loved ones. This app helps to solve these issues by illuminating small print and allowing the option of magnifying for ease of reading.

Skype is Great for Senior Living

Staying social is extremely important for seniors in assisted living communities. Yes, your loved one will make friends with us, but we understand that many families are spread out across the state or country. This makes visits from distant relatives a rare opportunity.

With Skype, your loved one will be able to have a simulated face-to-face interaction via a video conference. This app can be set up on a mobile device, computer, or tablet. Being able to see family members during a discussion does worlds for the emotional management of your loved one in senior living.

iPharmacy Pull ID and Drug Info

With this interesting app, assisted living community members and caregivers alike can help stay on top of the daily medicine intake that seniors face. This app allows you to identify pills by color and shape, as well as understand the side effects of a medication.

It can be difficult to stay on top of your medication schedule, and this app helps overcome this issue with reminders of when the next dose of medication is due.


This app was created to connect seniors and their families in a safe electronic environment. This social media app brings the message, photo, and video connections, of Facebook and Instagram without the worries of privacy or robust bells and whistles. This is a great ad-free and spam-free way to stay connected while keeping your information secure.

Senior Savings

Although this app does cost $.99 in the iOS store, this is a great, simple way to find out which grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, and more offer senior discounts in your area. You’ll never have to worry about asking for the senior special again.

Holly Hall Retirement Community Goes Beyond the Screen With Our Senior Living Care

Although we understand that applications can be a useful way to improve one’s daily life, we also believe that real-time interaction with your loved one in senior assisted living is important.

Through our Christian values, licensed staff, and up-to-date apartments, Holly Hall is able to ensure that your loved one is treated like family when they are with us. Give us a call today to find out more about our services or schedule a visit.

5 Health Tips for Senior Living This Fall

Posted on: September 25th, 2017 by hhmin

Senior Living Fall Health Tips

Fall is officially in Texas, and that means a lot of things for our senior loved ones. The air begins to get cooler, sweeter flavors become the preference, football has started back up, and decorations of warm colors are aplenty.

Holly Hall Retirement Community believes that your loved one deserves to enjoy the fall season without having to worry about the troubles that come with age as the seasons change. We are committed to serving the needs of our independent living, assisted living, and healthcare residents to the best of our ability during the fall season. Here are five health tips that your senior loved one can follow in order to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling fall.

5. Get Your Vitamins from Pumpkin Treats

When we think of fall, things like Jack-O-Lanterns usually come to mind. However, your pumpkin can be more beneficial than a simple decoration in a bedroom. They offer a variety of health benefits that make eating fresh Pumpkin snacks like roasted seeds and pumpkin spread a welcome treat. Pumpkin pulp is full of vitamins A and C, and the seeds of the fruit are rich in phytosterols, which help in lowering cholesterol.

4. Avoid Fall Illnesses

As the weather in Texas begins to cool down, assisted living facilities recommend that seniors make extra efforts to avoid falling ill with the flu or a cold. No one wants to spend a week of their independent living being cooped up in their apartment with fatigue and fever.

Take the steps to avoid the flu by taking your loved one to get a flu vaccine at the beginning of the season. Another tip is to hydrate with water throughout the day to strengthen the immune system and help prevent catching a nasty cold.

3. Step Outside

Many loved ones in Texas assisted living facilities have had to be weary of going outside during the hot summer months. With fall now in full swing, your loved one can enjoy the bright leaves on the trees outside and the moderate temperature that can be enjoyed before a Texas winter. Getting outside is great for emotional and mental health, while also increasing vitamin D levels, according to Harvard Medical School.

2. Moderate the Sweets at Your Senior Living Community

Halloween is one of the sweetest times of the year, literally. No matter what age, people enjoy candy. Remember, that while they don’t have to swear off all candy, your loved one in assisted living should only have sweets in moderation throughout the season. As seniors, too much sugar poses a health risk that can be avoided by simply approaching the holidays with caution.

1. Eat In-Season

If your loved one is in an independent living facility and enjoys meals from the comfort of their own kitchen, we recommend that you take a trip to a local farmer’s market and buy vegetables and fruits that are in-season. Not only will these foods taste great, but your loved one can enjoy the benefits of a plant-based diet. These benefits include diabetes prevention, hypertension control, and heart health.

Spend the Fall with Holly Hall

If you have a family member that is interested in independent living, senior living apartments, or assisted living, reach out to Holly Hall today. We are Houston’s first retirement community, with a strong background of community support that has kept our legacy alive throughout the years.

For more information on our communities and our history, get in touch with our staff to have your questions answered.

Summer Tips for Visiting Loved Ones in Their Assisted Living Community

Posted on: July 26th, 2017 by hhmin

Summer in Houston is a time for enjoying time with family and friends, but don’t forget to include quality time with your loved ones at an assisted living or retirement community.  We at Holly Hall understand that these visits aren’t always as simple as dropping in on your family member.  Read through our tips on planning your visit and making the most of your time spent with your  loved one.

Plan Your Assisted Living Visit

Relatives hoping to visit with loved ones in assisted living must remember to plan their trip out in advance.  Regardless of if your loved one is across the state or across town, making a plan with your family member of when your visit will take place is important.  Many people in assisted living communities not only follow a potential schedule, but may have energy boosts during specific times of the day.  Remember, they are your family member, they love you, and want to be able to give all of their available energy to your visit.

When planning your visit to a relative in assisted living, take into consideration their current health situation.  You know your family member best, so keep their physical and mental state in mind when planning the length of your visit.  Sometimes a shorter visit with happy conversation is better than a longer visit with long silences because the energy of your relative in assisted living is depleted.

Bring Comforting Items with You

Assisted living, while comfortable and accommodating for your relative, may require a sense of home in some cases.  When you visit your family member, bring some gifts with you that can remind them of their importance in your life.  Bringing family photos, recipes that you have shared together, movies, or even an old collectible that can strike up a conversation.  Bringing along items like this will not only comfort your relative but also takes the pressure off of you for having to come up with a conversation starter.

Tips for Visiting Assisted Living RelativesBe Present with your Assisted Living Loved One

Don’t rush your visit with your family member.  They have most likely missed your company and are excited for this planned visit.  Slow down the daily rush and take time to enjoy a quiet, deep conversation as a family.  Pay attention to your body language.  Don’t take out your phone or fidget with another object.  This can make your loved one think that you may not want to really be there with them.  Be 100 percent present with your loved on in an assisted living community and make the most of your visit with them.

Welcome the Chance to Evaluate Health

Visits are a chance for you to keep your family member feeling active and involved with your life.  However, it is also important for you to remember that you need to be involved in their life.  Take the time when visiting a loved one in an assisted living community to step back and evaluate your family member’s health.

Assisted Living at Holly Hall

If your loved one is looking for an assisted living community that guarantees their comfort and a professional care staff, contact Holly Hall today to set up a tour and schedule your first visit to our Houston facility.

Planning Memorial Day With Older Family Members

Posted on: May 23rd, 2017 by hhmin


Memorial Day is often the start to everyone’s summer here in Texas. Being that it’s a very patriotic state, most people do something to celebrate Memorial Day with their friends and family. Families with senior citizens often forget that their plans might not be inclusive of older family members. We’re sharing a few tips on how to include older people in Independent Living communities in your Memorial Day plans!

Choose a Comfortable Location

Houston is a hot and humid city, so choosing a location that provides shade for everyone during your Memorial Day celebrations is important. Your loved ones in senior living communities are particularly prone to heat strokes and exhaustion if they’re in the sun and heat for too long. You might even consider choosing an indoor location for your celebration to keep everyone comfortable.

Keep in Mind a Variety of Diets

Every good hostess will do his or her best to provide an assortment of food that everyone will like. Individuals that receive Assisted Living care or otherwise might have additional diet restrictions to consider before they can munch on tasty treats. Some senior citizens are diabetic and others might not be able to digest dairy products. Before setting your Memorial Day cookout menu, make sure you know of dietary restrictions of everyone invited.

Avoid Loud Noises 

Any patriotic celebration will likely include fireworks or other noisy elements. For the most part, this doesn’t bother most people even if they are older. But people often forget to consider the needs and conditions of people receiving memory care treatments. For aging veterans with poor memory or even PTSD, loud noises like exploding fireworks can trigger flashbacks and confusion. If you’re planning on setting off fireworks, have an indoor area ready for those that might not enjoy the noise.

Also, be sensitive to the fact that Memorial Day is a holiday but also a day of remembrance. Older family members will most likely know someone who died while in combat and they’ll appreciate you taking the time to honor those individuals during your celebration.

Consider Transportation for Senior Citizens

Many individuals living in our Houston senior living community are unable to drive a car anymore. We provide transportation to local shopping areas as well as doctor’s appointments when our residents need to go. If you’re inviting older adults, then you should consider their transportation options. If they are unable to drive a car, then be gracious and offer to pick them up.

Consider Holly Hall for Your Older Family Members

When family members start need a little extra help, you need to make a plan for their care. Senior living communities like ours are great places to make sure your loved one is getting the care they deserve. Get in touch with us today for a tour of our community!

4 Exciting Trends Among Senior Citizens

Posted on: May 8th, 2017 by hhmin


This May, we’re celebrating Older Americans Month at our senior living community! There’s an unfortunate stigma associated with growing older in America. Instead of being something everyone celebrates, it’s something that most people dread. At Holly Hall, we believe that it’s an honor to grow older and be able to impart your wisdom and life experiences on those younger than you. In recent years, we’ve noticed a shift in how older Americans are enjoying life. We’re sharing a few of these trends with you!

Older Americans are Working Longer

Retirement is something more and more seniors are putting off. Sometimes it’s for financial reasons, but often enough it’s because retirement isn’t something they’re ready for yet. Senior living is taking on a whole new meaning within this group of people. Some seniors are choosing to only partially retire by taking part time jobs that keep them busy a few days a week. Seniors want to be active even if they are retiring.

Retirement Communities are Including New Activities

Many senior citizens choose to live at an Independent Living community because they want the amenities that come with it. Now more than ever, older Americans are branching out of their comfort zone to try new things. At Holly Hall, our residents take part in things like cooking demos, computer classes, and Tai Chi. Learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby is becoming one of the best parts of growing older!

Seniors are Becoming More Independent

As technology has improved, so has the quality of life for older individuals. Being independent, even in an Assisted Living community, is incredibly important to most seniors. Demand for products and services that help seniors maintain a certain level of independence continues to grow each year and understandably so. Our Houston, Texas senior living community strives to help each resident keep their independence and value their abilities.

People are Opening Up About Aging

It’s always been taboo to talk about age or the process of aging. More and more Americans are breaking down those barriers and talking openly and honestly about the aging process and how to handle it. These open lines of communication are helping both the young and old understand what age means and what it doesn’t. For example, turning another year older means you’re turning another year older, not losing your abilities.

Holly Hall Values Active Seniors

Looking at retirement communities can be overwhelming and even off-putting. Our community strives to make sure every senior feels at home here whether they’re very active or not. We offer active senior citizens a wide-range of activities and social events to make sure they get the most out of living with us. Get in touch with us for a tour of our community!

Summer Safety Tips for Senior Living

Posted on: April 24th, 2017 by hhmin


Houston-area residents are no strangers to the hot, humid summers that roll around each year. Even so, the summer months are still something people look forward to every year. However, for older members of the Houston community and those who live in our senior living community, summer can represent some unique challenges to the health and wellness of their everyday lives. If you’re enjoying Independent Living in Houston this summer, here are a few safety tips to make your summer more enjoyable.

Stay Hydrated Inside and Outside of Your Senior Living Home

Drinking the recommended daily water intake is so important to keeping your body healthy and functioning. Many older adults fall victim to severe dehydration, which often ends up putting them in the hospital for a short time. If you’re going to be outdoors, bring a water bottle with you to sip while you enjoy the sunshine. We love it when our residents are able to go outside and get fresh air, especially if they’re in our Skilled Nursing Facility!

Avoid Being in the Heat for Too Long

Heat exhaustion and heat strokes are very common in older adults. At our retirement community in Houston, we take every precaution to make sure none of our residents fall victim to it. On particularly hot days, we recommend only being outside for short periods of time or waiting until the hottest part of the day (usually the late afternoon) has passed. Summers are certainly meant to be enjoyed but you must be careful to not overexpose yourself to intense heat.

Apply Sunscreen Throughout the Day

Many of our residents enjoy taking walks during the day to get in some exercise and be with their neighbors. If you’re venturing out from your Independent Living cottage, apply a generous amount of sunscreen to any exposed skin. Sunburns can be particularly dangerous as you age as it can easily lead to sun poisoning.

Wear Breathable Fabrics Around Your Retirement Community

One of the best things you can do to keep cool is by wearing fabrics that are breathable and made of cotton. Retirees in our Houston senior living community are particularly fond of their Hawaiian print shirts and for good reason! They’re lightweight and super festive for the summer season.

Come Live at Holly Hall

If you’re looking for a new place to call home, then consider our Houston 55+ community! You’ll love being a part of a Christian neighborhood that features plenty of activities and friendly faces to greet you every day. Contact us today for a tour!

How to Help Seniors Prepare for Senior Living

Posted on: March 23rd, 2017 by hhmin

Help Seniors Prepare For A Retirement Community Or Assisted Living

The process of aging and the progressing limitations that a senior encounters can be difficult for a senior with which to come to terms. Often times they are met with resistance or flat out denial. While there are many things a senior citizen can do easily on his or her own, there are also things that one shouldn’t do without assistance or at least someone nearby to check on them. If you and your family think it’s time that your aging parent or loved one move to a senior living community, it’s important that you help them prepare for it and see the necessity of it.

Let Them Choose an Active Senior Living Community

Presenting your loved one with information on different independent living communities can be helpful, however let him or her make the ultimate decision on where to live. Empowering them to make their own living decisions makes them feel like this was their own choice and that it wasn’t forced on them in any way. No one likes to feel as though they don’t have a say in things that pertain to their living situation.

Make the Move as Easy as Possible

Anyone who’s ever had to move knows how stressful the process can be. For someone transitioning to assisted living, it can be even more difficult. Packing things up and deciding what to keep or toss is particularly hard for older adults because so many things often have memories attached to them. Allow them time to figure out what they want to keep and offer to store things that they might not be able to take with them. Forcing them to throw things away can make the entire process of transitioning to a senior care center that much harder for them.

Schedule Your Visits to Their 55+ Community in Advance

Many seniors transitioning to senior living communities fear being forgotten by their loved ones. It can feel as though you’re trying to get rid of them by putting them in a home to be cared for by someone else. We know that this isn’t your intention, but it’s important that you reassure your loved one that you’ll be there for them. Before the move even happens, schedule tentative weekly or bi-weekly visits to their senior living apartment so they know you’ll be coming back to see them.

Holly Hall Can Help Care for Your Aging Loved One

Our retirement community in Houston, Texas caters to the needs of our residents. We provide high-quality care and an active environment to encourage your loved one to enjoy all the benefits associated with retirement living and being a senior. If your loved one needs a great place to call home, then contact us today to set up a tour!

Valentine’s Day Activities to Enjoy At Your Senior Living Residence

Posted on: February 10th, 2017 by hhmin


Valentine’s Day is a favorite holiday for many people, senior living residents included. It’s a holiday all about love and it helps break up the monotony of the long winter. For some residents, they’ll spend the day with their loved one, but for others, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend time with their friends and enjoy each other’s company. If you’re looking for fun activities to do, we have some ideas for you!

Senior Community Movie Night

If your senior community enjoys getting together for movie nights, then they’ll love a Valentine’s movie night featuring classic romantic movies from yesteryear. Include yummy Valentine-themed snacks and a tasty punch to gather residents together. Select films that they’ll remember from their youth that they may not have seen in a while. A few memorable, classic romantic films your residents may love are:

  • Casablanca
  • Singin’ In the Rain
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • His Girl Friday
  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • How to Marry a Millionaire

Decorate Sugar Cookies

Who says sugar cookies are just for Christmas? Buy some pre-baked sugar cookies in the shapes of hearts and gather your independent living seniors together to ice and decorate the sweet treats. Stock up on pink, red, and white icing along with icing tubes for easy use. Add some fun sprinkles and little Valentine’s candies like conversation hearts for an even better outcome. Activities like these are fun to host and residents love them!

Play Valentine’s Bingo

Senior citizens always enjoy a good game of bingo. Create a Valentine’s themed bingo game complete with fun prizes to win. A few prizes could include gift cards to local restaurants, a single cup coffee maker, retro memorabilia, or even a new laptop as a high ticket item. These games will be full of laughs and great competitive spirit for everyone involved.

Valentine’s Tea With The Independent Living

Invite your health care living residents to come together for a special Valentine’s Day tea. Play romantic songs and classic swing music during the event. Create a “tea bar” with several kinds of teas, sugars, and milk for residents to choose from. Have a variety of tea sandwiches and cookies for residents to munch on during the event. Consider inviting local high school theater groups to perform during the tea for your residents. Students would appreciate the chance to get more experience acting and senior living adults will love having young people breathe new life into the community!

Let Holly Hall Assisted Living Be a Resource

If you’re planning events for your senior community or are looking for a place to call home, look no further than Holly Hall. Our staff are experts in retirement living and want the best for our residents and yours as well. Contact us for more information!