Holly Hall’s Latest Updates: Coronavirus.

The news about the potential spread of this new virus and the risks it poses are concerning to us all. We have come to the difficult decision to cancel upcoming events and restrict all visitations.

Please know that maintaining the health, wellness and safety of our residents, staff and everyone in contact with Holly Hall is our number one priority. We are taking steps now to prevent any illness.

Our website will be updated going forward to keep you informed of events and developments.

Here is what we’re doing to keep residents safe:

  1. Restricting all campus visits and providing assistance with remote/virtual family visits via Facetime/Skype.
  2. Permitting limited visits from vendors, medical staff and support staff, and those involved with end-of-life situations. All individuals will be screened prior to entering the campus.
  3. Canceling all non-medical outings for residents.
  4. Canceling all events and meetings held on campus for others outside of Holly Hall residents and staff.
  5. Asking volunteers not to work any shifts.
  6. Cleaning common and high touch areas with hospital-grade disinfectant daily.
  7. Requiring employees who have traveled outside the United States to follow CDC guidelines before returning to work.
  8. Providing staff to do errands for residents in replacement of the shopping outings.
  9. Receiving deliveries for residents at the security guard house.

Thank you for your diligence in helping us to protect our community.