Holly Hall Hurricane Disaster Plan

Posted 5:25 PM August 26, 2020

Holly Hall activated its hurricane disaster plan the morning of Tuesday, August 25th to ensure it would be prepared for the storm, which includes identifying staff to stay overnight throughout the storm to ensure adequate coverage will be available for all shifts.

Over the last 24 hours, Holly Hall leadership has closely monitored the storm forecasts.  As of this evening, it appears that Houston will not take a direct hit, but Holly Hall’s disaster plan will remain active until it has been determined that there is no longer a threat after the storm.

It has been reported that there is a possibility Houston could experience power outages in the area.  Holly Hall is confident in its ability to keep the lights and air conditioning on during the storm thanks to its backup generation solution for campus.

An update will be provided after the storm or as needed should the situation on or around campus change.

Stay safe, Houston!