Say “I Do” at Holly Hall.

With such a beautiful venue, the Holly Hall team feels moved to share it. The Chapel is available for weddings and other ceremonies such as honoring a life or baptisms.

Chaplain Scott is available to perform services, or you can apply to get approval for your own pastor to host a ceremony on-site.

As you approach the Chapel, you’ll walk through a beautiful glass corridor with gardens on all sides. This is the perfect spot for a simple reception or a garden party just outside the door. Our Executive Chef, Peter Huber, can help you set up catering services to make it a day to remember.

Rates and Details

Did you know that the average cost of a wedding in Texas is more than $11,000? When you’re young and in love, that’s a big chunk of your nest egg. That’s why Holly Hall is offers chapel weddings at reasonable prices. Not only do we get to share our beautiful location, but we’re helping the young get off to a financially smart start. Funds collected for weddings go into our nonprofit accounts to benefit Holly Hall residents.

Wedding Ceremony: 4 hours—$1,000.

Wedding Ceremony and Reception: 6 hours—$1,500 (Catering can be arranged and estimated separately).

Learn more by calling (281) 936-2803, or email for more information.

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