Your Wellness Is Our Commitment.

At Holly Hall, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to be active and healthy. Our Wellness Department encompasses the mind, body and spirit. For us, it all starts with a foundation of healthy meals prepared from scratch. You’ll find very few processed foods on our menus. In fact, Holly Hall spends more than $10,000 a month on fresh fruits and vegetables!

Staying Active and Engaged with Social Activities

At Holly Hall, we offer lots to do—both on and off campus. Our outings include trips to theaters, museums, symphonies and the Houston Zoo. We also head out to the countryside to experience Texas wildflowers in the spring, lunch out at popular restaurants and go on other special adventures based on resident suggestions.

That said, there’s so much to do right here on the Holly Hall campus, including our wildly popular bingo games, birthday parties, live musical and theatrical performances, pet-therapy visits, brain-game training, Bible study and devotional groups, Catholic and Episcopal communion, hymnal sing-alongs and much more. See our calendar of events for a complete list of activities.

Fit and friendly fitness classes

Residents at Holly Hall enjoy an active lifestyle and know that being at their vital best requires a commitment to daily activity. We offer a personalized approach through a combination of methods. We establish a resident’s baseline through a detailed functional fitness assessment, allowing us to tailor our classes to meet the specific goals, desires and needs of our residents. We educate our residents about health, so that they are empowered to help themselves as best as they can. We listen to our residents to learn their likes and dislikes, adjusting and improving our program so that our residents enjoy a better overall quality of life.

Our diverse program provides at least one if not multiple exercise classes daily, accommodating all fitness levels and interests. We offer a variety of safe and engaging workouts aimed at improving health and fitness, such as aerobic conditioning, muscle-strengthening, endurance, flexibility, and core & balance classes. Our fitness equipment, which includes the recumbent bike and treadmills are always available for your convenience once you have been assessed by our wellness coach.

Our program will help you achieve your fitness goals, including better mobility, maintenance of independence and overall well-being. You can also schedule a massage on campus once a month to improve your circulation, joint flexibility, muscle tone, and the quality of sleep! Throughout the year, our residents enjoy health and wellness expos, seminars, and discussions as well. Your health and well-being are top priority at Holly Hall Retirement Community.

Check out the calendar for this month’s schedule.

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